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Author: Moby_
Side: Both
Created: Mar 15th at 4:28 PM
Last modified: Mar 15th at 4:46 PM
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This mod requires VehiclesLib.


Ever dreamt of soaring across the land riding atop your unicorn motorbike? Dream no more, with the Jonas Cycle Zero!

Built by engineering genius Jonas Falx and forgotten for centuries until blueprints for it were found in ancient ruins (note: blueprints and special parts will come in a future update), it's the ultimate mode of transportation for all your biking needs!

To fuel the Jonas Cycle Zero, simply provide it (right-click) with a temporal gear, and you'll get an hour of driving out of it!

You can even pack it to transport it more easily (ctrl+right-click)! due to the unstable nature of temporal mechanics, the current fuel reserve of the Jonas Cycle Zero has to be dissipated when it's packed. The Falx Motor Company declines all responsibility in case of fuel loss due to packing the motorcycle.

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💬 BillyGalbreath, May 23rd at 12:13 AM

Loving this mod ^_^

I've only seen one crash so far, and that's from ctrl right click the cycle to pick it up while already holding a cycle in your hand. (crash report:


💬 MadGnome, Apr 26th at 9:38 PM

Enjoying the mod quite a bit so far, would love to see some sounds for the jonascycle lol.

Also, a suggestion.  Two different speeds.

Have the normal 'cruising speed', and let us press the spring button for a boost speed where fuel use is 3x as high.  Would be amazing!  (seperate sounds for boosting)

💬 Rythillian, Mar 16th at 10:05 PM

vroom vroom

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 15th at 6:24 PM

Would be cool if there was a patch to allow it to run on Oil from the Crude Oil mod instead of temportal gears.

💬 RonJ, Mar 15th at 4:52 PM


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