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Category: #Worldgen
Author: Buggi
Side: Both
Created: Jun 2nd at 7:58 PM
Last modified: Jun 2nd at 7:58 PM
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A simple mod that adds Crude Oil to world generation. Only appears in sedimentary rock so it can be hard to find. Once you find it though, you can literally say you struck oil.

Why make a mod that adds something without a use? Why for all the OTHER mods that can be made that can use it. That's why this is a stand-alone mod. 

The math for a block works out rather well, a single block contains 1000 liters, an oil portion is 1 ml. A bucket holds 10 liters. So no more need to calculate millibuckets :)

Anyone out there wanting to make a pump can use those values to ensure to get the entire volume before swapping the block with air. Liquid blocks currently do not have unique attributes as they don't have a Block Entity so a pump must take all 1000 liters before clearing the block.


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v1.0.0 96 Jun 2nd at 7:58 PM Show

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