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Category: #Cosmetics #Graphics
Author: Phuta
Side: Both
Created: Sep 14th 2023 at 3:33 PM
Last modified: Feb 28th at 2:55 AM
Downloads: 5698
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Latest file for v1.19.3:
Femininity 1-click install

Yes i know "haha boob mod", but seriously, i couldn't have been the only one who found it strange that all seraphs no matter their preferred underwear looked the same, especially since in Lore, it is confirmed that there are multiple genders of seraph.

Should function with all vanilla and modded clothing, but not with modded armors.
Should work with some player model replacement mods that dont significantly alter the "uppertorso" part of the playermodel.
-Kobold Playermodel
-Anthro Fox Playermodel
-More Undergarments

Compatible with any save, and removing the mod should not cause any issues, however, character can only be changed at game start, unless you run the commands "/player [playername] allowcharselonce" and then ".charsel".

Due to how the mod functions, the chest option is also available to seraphs wearing breeches.

Thank you Enova for the Fix and reminding me to get it out there!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.1.3 2256 Feb 28th at 2:55 AM Show Femininity Install now
v0.1.2 2760 Sep 21st 2023 at 1:34 PM Show Femininity Install now
v0.1.1 253 Sep 17th 2023 at 3:28 PM Show Femininity Install now
v0.1.0 304 Sep 14th 2023 at 4:10 PM Show Femininity Install now
v0.0.1 119 Sep 14th 2023 at 3:34 PM Show Femininity Install now

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💬 Rayn, Jul 4th at 8:01 PM

Yeah i still cant use this mod with the other ones my friends use. do we know if an update is gonna happen? 


💬 BuilderOfBlocks, Jun 20th at 6:07 PM

I'm getting the same rendering issues with no other mods installed

💬 Mdbgamer, Jun 7th at 2:35 AM

It's distinctly possible I am a dumbass and didn't realize there was a new button on the selection screen. Lemme go check with all the mods enabled again... Blury

Yeah, I was just stupid. On the flipside of things though, apparently there is a bad mod interaction, and it has something to do with the Maltiez guns or crossbows/their dependencies. Probably cuz it adds a bunch of new stuff related to handing the rifles/crossbows. Either way, it screws up the face rendering and improperly renders the new body features when those mods are mixed into the equation. It's kind of funny.

💬 Blury, Jun 4th at 2:34 PM

Works for me on latest stable, make sure other of your mods are not breaking it! Mdbgamer

💬 Mdbgamer, Jun 4th at 2:03 AM

Yeah, it seems to be broken on 1.19.8 as of this time. Kind of a shame, too. 

💬 1gengabe, May 30th at 5:46 AM

How did you figure out where to place the texture maps in the model editor?
I can't find any good way to figure it out that isn't trial and error.

💬 Timingplanet, May 22nd at 1:55 AM

unfortunately, it seems broken with 1.19.8

💬 Nikkolai, Apr 9th at 7:30 AM

Look man, the author's name is "Phuta." Just be glad it's a boob mod, and not a different appendage.

💬 IzeLorlean, Mar 31st at 3:00 AM

Hi! I found out by wanting purple hair and boobs that this mod isn't compatible with Restored Hair Colors , I think something about how the mod handles adding it's chest option in the character creation ui blocks other changes to it, like adding back hair color slots. Is there any chance this could be fixed in the next update Phuta ?

💬 Aura_Dacella, Mar 21st at 10:59 AM

Having the same issue, textures seem to not map properly in a prexisting world only creating a new world does the mod function perfectly RIP :(

💬 ManaWei, Mar 11th at 9:17 AM

Eeeh.. At the very least fix the boobs clipping through vanilla armors..  cool mod, but that is a bit silly..

💬 Enova, Mar 8th at 12:07 AM

How does it work perfectly in singleplayer but not on a dedicated server 😭

EDIT: As stated by Wulff, it only breaks if the mod is loaded after the world is already saved. If the mod is there when the world is created, it works fine. This means on a dedicated server you will need to remake the world after using moddb to install femininity.

💬 Wulff, Mar 6th at 12:10 AM

yeah i commented on the weird stuff already but here is some fresh proof. so with no mods.

then with only Feminiity after using .charsel to add chest. weird texture over eyes and missing side boob.

also showing through armor 

💬 Gourgandin, Mar 5th at 11:51 PM
💬 Bunker, Mar 3rd at 6:55 AM

Thought so. Thank you for your hard work Phuta!  Hopefully Thauidite updates it down the line.

💬 Novabella, Mar 3rd at 5:08 AM

rampedindent yea I'm getting this error too. As is my friend logging into the same server.

💬 Audrea, Mar 2nd at 1:16 PM

I also have the issue where the eyes get a weird white texture and you can see through the sideboob. This doesn't happen if I make a new world, though.

💬 rampedindent, Mar 2nd at 10:17 AM

Has anyone else managed to use this on a server?
I'm seem to be stuck in a loop of it endlessly asking me to

  • Missing 1 mod screen
  • click download mod
  • attempting to download 1/1 mods -> success
  • click join server
  • repeat step 1

Ive tried it with only one mod on the server, Tried manually installing the mod on the client and the missing mods screen shows "Already installed"

the 52 other mods on the server downloaded just fine

running vintage story 1.19.3 with the flatpak

p.s. Thankyou for updating the mod <3

edit: Just checked the server logs and nothing shows up there, and the client logs are much the same

💬 Wulff, Mar 2nd at 4:53 AM

nope i just loaded a creative world with no mods made a character, saved and quit. loaded only this mod went back to that save and tried charsel and got the same results. so not sure whats going on on my end if no others are having issues.

💬 PhutaAuthor, Mar 2nd at 12:39 AM

This is likely a compatability issue with one of your other mods which may be modifying the seraph texture or other parts of the playermodel. Are you using Textured Seraph Faces? Wulff

💬 PhutaAuthor, Mar 2nd at 12:35 AM

This is likely due to Textured Seraph Faces modifying the Seraph Texture in some way, so that its shifted when compared to vanilla. This is an issue that only the creator of Textured Seraph Faces would be able to fix. Thank you for telling them about it. Bunker

💬 PhutaAuthor, Mar 2nd at 12:33 AM

This is currently not planned and would likely require more extensive modeling which i do not have the time for. Dj3dzx

💬 PhutaAuthor, Mar 2nd at 12:32 AM

Wearing armor is supposed to hide the chest bodypart. Dont know why it broke but i'll look into it thanks for reporting. Orangutanion

💬 Bunker, Mar 1st at 11:51 PM

It's not a huge issue but there is a compatibilty issue with Textured Seraph Faces. It just causes the texture on the breasts to be shifted? It uses the wrong part of the chest texture and part of it is just missing the texture outright.

I have asked if there's plans for compatability on that mod page alreay but I thought I'd give you a heads up.

💬 Wulff, Mar 1st at 11:14 PM

well i tested some stuff relating to my previous comment, i only have those issues if i use charsel on a character in an active game. if i create a fresh world and create my character from the start with these options then its fine.

💬 Michaela, Mar 1st at 7:34 PM

this is awersome mod! but..... how to make it more bigger?? :(

💬 Wulff, Mar 1st at 9:29 AM

strange issue for me. when i select chest type the eyes change to a strange white texture. also one of the verticle sides of the chest is missing and the one half of the sloped side is visible through clothing. im on version 19.4

💬 Dj3dzx, Mar 1st at 4:37 AM

You should add a wider hips modification something like Project Zomboid's mod: Pear shaped body :)

💬 Orangutanion, Feb 28th at 8:43 PM

looks really funny with armor on

💬 Furow, Feb 28th at 10:57 AM

Thank you for updating! A lifesaver! :)

💬 Bunker, Feb 28th at 5:04 AM

I'm really sorry you had to deal with this issue.

Thank you for sticking with it and updating though!

💬 PhutaAuthor, Feb 28th at 2:58 AM

I finally got it to work...
I hope thats the last of it for now, i forgot how horrible this site can be.
Again thank you Enova

💬 KenjiHotta, Feb 28th at 1:33 AM

So for some reason I have no textures showing for the booba.

💬 Vandoom, Feb 25th at 2:45 PM

They were having issues uploading the updated version.

💬 Novabella, Feb 25th at 5:17 AM

Did you mean to tag the latest update as being 1.19 compatible? It looks like it says only for 1.18


💬 Bunker, Feb 23rd at 4:39 AM

Give it a shot again in a lil bit. Might just be the server having a hiccup. If you're still running into the issue, reach out on the VS discord. They're really helpful and nice over there.

💬 PhutaAuthor, Feb 23rd at 2:28 AM

Never mind i guess whenever i upload it its just a 0byte zip apparently, even though it clearly isnt...

💬 PhutaAuthor, Feb 23rd at 2:16 AM

Im so sorry everyone, i wanted to update all my mods when 1.19 came out but i was completely preoccupied with other stuff. 😭
I hope this doesnt come too late for those who still wish to use my mod, and i hope you enjoy.

💬 yunix, Feb 20th at 2:55 AM

Would be really appreciated if this got updated :(

💬 Bunker, Feb 2nd at 12:07 AM

Hoping to see this updated soon

💬 Furow, Jan 22nd at 11:45 AM

Really hope you update soon. Its a great mod, so thank you Phuta! Can't play without it. :D

💬 Slimemage, Jan 17th at 8:32 PM

Broken in 1.19 stable.

I really hope this mod gets an update, I want to play using as much of a female-presenting avatar as I can. 🙁

💬 IshikureShiro, Jan 8th at 10:48 AM

The mod doesn't seem to work for 1.19.0-rc.6, the textures are broken, any chance for a fix?

💬 Annastasija, Nov 5th 2023 at 6:25 AM

Thank you for this <3

💬 Ruyeex, Oct 30th 2023 at 8:43 PM

It's not the first mod to include breasts


💬 Ruyeex, Oct 23rd 2023 at 10:43 PM

Small boson for symbolising asian females?

💬 Yskar, Sep 27th 2023 at 12:18 PM

Finally, Lara Croft breasts!

💬 Moon_Dew, Sep 26th 2023 at 10:11 PM

Phuta I get similar problems with the clay forming interface if I have a lot of mods that add in clay things... and I do.  I hope that gets fixed too.

💬 PhutaAuthor, Sep 26th 2023 at 9:12 PM

Yes that is sadly due to limitations with the character creation interface. The devs know about this problem and have told people they will fix it, perhaps even next update. Moon_Dew

💬 Moon_Dew, Sep 26th 2023 at 8:27 PM

My one complaint is that, depending on what resolution your screen is, and what you're playing on, the skin colors selection gets partially cut off.

💬 AzuliBluespots, Sep 21st 2023 at 4:38 PM

I wish the kobold, fox and orc models were available together in the game, as in, a new slider to change into them. Combine with this and we get a full-fledged character creation in VS compared to vanilla.

💬 PhutaAuthor, Sep 18th 2023 at 5:09 PM

It should work reasonably well with any playermodel that has an 'upperchest' cube thats approximately the same size as the vanilla one, but im surprised that it does work actually, ill have a look at it and if it looks reasonably well ill add an image or smth. Dagurmawth

💬 Dagurmawth, Sep 18th 2023 at 3:57 PM

Works with Kobold Player Models.

💬 puffball, Sep 17th 2023 at 1:47 AM

haha, "to the point", get it?


Great mod though, jokes aside!

💬 PhutaAuthor, Sep 15th 2023 at 6:50 AM

It is implied that at least the "two-piece" style wearing seraph has a chest, it doesnt however have any model difference to the other styles. VaelophisNyx

💬 SpearAndFang, Sep 15th 2023 at 3:08 AM

I really like what you've done here.  Simple, but to the point.

💬 VaelophisNyx, Sep 15th 2023 at 12:30 AM

err...doesn't one of the underwear styles already have boobs?-

💬 PhutaAuthor, Sep 14th 2023 at 9:20 PM

I may add other variants in the future, but this is it for now, as this sort of "design" was the easiest shape that clothes fit onto without much issue. l33tmaan

💬 l33tmaan, Sep 14th 2023 at 8:45 PM

Those are.... perky.

💬 gregest, Sep 14th 2023 at 5:36 PM

finally, women 1.0 

💬 PhutaAuthor, Sep 14th 2023 at 5:02 PM

You know... honestly i forgot that it also allows you to edit your character, and not just your class. Thanks for reminding me! BillyGalbreath

💬 BillyGalbreath, Sep 14th 2023 at 4:59 PM

Slider included? ^_^

All jokes aside, is there no `allowcharselonce` support?

💬 Gamingdragon977, Sep 14th 2023 at 4:33 PM

finaly the BOOB UPDATE.

💬 Wandour, Sep 14th 2023 at 4:28 PM

oh god

this reminds me of those 2012 Minecraft girlfriend mods with those pointy breasts 😂

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