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Category: #Cosmetics #Technology #Utility
Author: Kotl
Side: Both
Created: Apr 24th at 7:56 PM
Last modified: 2 days ago
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Latest file for v1.19.7: 1-click install

This mod is an addition to the Electricity mod, it will not work without it


  1. Electric Freezer
  2. Large Accumulator
  3. Charging Station
  4. Electric Stove
  5. Electric Drill
  6. Electric Chisel

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.5 149 2 days ago Show Install now
v0.0.4 293 Jul 8th at 2:05 PM Show Install now
v0.0.3 32 Jul 8th at 9:19 AM Show Install now
v0.0.2 2022 Apr 25th at 7:39 PM Show Install now
v0.0.1 156 Apr 24th at 7:57 PM Show Install now

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💬 ForeverGood023, 1 day ago

hi! i've made a translation for pt-br! tanks for this mod <3

  "block-charger": "Estação de Carga",
  "block-estove-*": "Fogão Elétrico",
  "block-efreezer-*": "Geladeira",
  "block-largeaccumulator": "Acumulador Avançado",
  "item-edrill": "Furadeira elétrica",
  "item-echisel": "Cinzel Elétrico",
  "item-coil": "Bobina de cobre",
  "item-edrilltip": "Ponta de perfuração",
  "item-engineshaft": "Rotor",
  "game:drill1": "Escava 1x1 blocos",
  "game:drill2": "Escava 3x3 blocos",

  "game:BlockEStove": "Fogão Elétrico",
  "game:freezer-title-gui": "Geladeira",
  "game:freezer-over-sneak-help": "Abra/feche a porta.",
  "game:freezer-over-help": "Abra a porta e coloque a comida para guardá-la."
💬 DejFidOFF, 2 days ago

Tip is making by smithing steel ingot

💬 BrownishStorm, 3 days ago

I second that, no recipe listed for the electric drill or drill tip. How do we make it?

💬 DejFidOFF, 3 days ago

No recipe for electric drill in recent version

💬 Aimli, Jun 17th at 2:58 AM

Are there too few Electric Freezer slots? Can the configuration be increased so that it can be modified? Thank you very much.

💬 Arthopleura, Jun 6th at 4:51 PM

You can also check out the immersive series (immersive engineering, still a minecraft mod, which have cool mechanics, especially the wires) and nuclearcraft (for it's cool reactors of course but also most of it's machines)

💬 Frepo, May 19th at 3:48 PM

Oh by the way, if I want to add the e-chisel as a tool in other recipes; How do I refer to it? As any other tool with "isTool: true" and "toolDurabilityCost: X" ?

💬 Frepo, May 19th at 2:36 PM

Love that you bring electricity to this game! It expands the "tech-tree" in such a natural way. Perfect late game tech!

This reminds me of an old mod for Minecraft, IndustrialCraft. If u dont know abou that mod, check it out for inspiration! Would love to see some of its features in this mod! Such could be:
- Rechargeable batteries
- Mining helmet with lamp
- Ore crushing machine
- Jetpack
- Solar panels
- Geothermal generator (could be used with hot springs and lava in this game)
- Low/Medium/High voltage levels with corresponding cables and transformers
( I just loved the fact that if you mishandled the voltage in your power grid, cables would melt and machines could explode )
- Rubber for coating high-voltage cables

Keep up the awesome work!

💬 KotlAuthor, Apr 27th at 6:29 AM


You probably haven't charged the drill with electricity.

An electric stove is an analogue of a campfire, but it needs electricity to work

💬 DejFidOFF, Apr 26th at 1:52 PM


Don´t know what happened I tryied that for the first time tak electric drill in creative and went back to survival and nether one of drills was not works. But next time ( maybe after restart game ) all works.

But I also try electris stove and don´t know the purpose and how it is working?

💬 KotlAuthor, Apr 26th at 8:33 AM

@DejFidOFF I just checked they don't conflict with each other in any way

💬 DejFidOFF, Apr 26th at 6:02 AM

Hello o/ Electric drill colide with the electric mining drill from Tinkerer mod. No one working.

💬 KotlAuthor, Apr 25th at 7:41 PM

Thanks to everyone who wrote about the crafting bug, it has been fixed in the latest version

💬 Michaloid, Apr 25th at 4:51 PM

Yeah, the recepy copper coil crashes the game.

💬 DejFidOFF, Apr 25th at 1:35 PM

"overall is cool but copper coil recipe in handbook crash game "

Same results at my server.

💬 PanKamil, Apr 25th at 10:47 AM

overall is cool but copper coil recipe in handbook crash game 

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