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Author: Novocain
Side: Both
Created: Jan 13th at 2:14 AM
Last modified: Jun 21st at 12:14 AM
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Collection of misc things commonly used for CIV genre servers.

+Air Breathing


+Some Patches To Vanilla

+Some Extra Vanilla Like Tools

+IP Banning 

+Plumb And Square With Torch (Requires ItemLights Installed

+Translocators now allow the player to change their class.

/ipban remove bannedIP

/ipban list

/ipban playerName [days] [reason]

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.45 279 Jun 21st at 12:14 AM Show
v1.1.44 65 Jun 19th at 8:46 PM Show
v1.1.43 30 Jun 19th at 5:29 AM Show
v1.1.42 298 May 31st at 6:32 AM Show
v1.1.41 114 May 31st at 2:51 AM Show
v1.1.40 125 May 29th at 6:10 AM Show
v1.1.34 255 Apr 17th at 9:53 PM Show
v1.1.33 43 Apr 3rd at 4:48 AM Show
v1.1.32 59 Apr 2nd at 10:30 PM Show
v1.1.31 65 Mar 19th at 3:57 AM Show
v1.1.30 65 Mar 2nd at 2:39 AM Show
v1.1.29 400 Feb 24th at 10:01 AM Show
v1.1.27 301 Feb 14th at 3:18 AM Show
v1.1.26 230 Feb 10th at 8:40 PM Show
v1.1.25 158 Feb 9th at 4:14 AM Show
v1.1.24 176 Feb 7th at 3:19 AM Show
v1.1.23 206 Feb 5th at 3:02 AM Show
v1.1.22 241 Jan 30th at 10:29 PM Show
v1.1.21 78 Jan 30th at 12:21 AM Show
v1.1.20 173 Jan 29th at 11:39 PM Show
v1.1.9 153 Jan 29th at 5:46 AM Show
v1.1.8 114 Jan 17th at 12:09 AM Show
v1.1.7 97 Jan 16th at 2:56 AM Show
v1.1.6 172 Jan 15th at 7:41 AM Show
v1.1.5 88 Jan 15th at 7:23 AM Show
v1.1.4 112 Jan 15th at 4:51 AM Show
v1.1.3 87 Jan 15th at 4:07 AM Show
v1.1.2 129 Jan 15th at 3:03 AM Show
v1.1.1 511 Jan 13th at 4:55 AM Show

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mainspirit, Jun 11th at 12:53 PM

Уважаемый автор, Ваш мод принудительно отключает указатели всех игроков на мини карте.

YourCreator, Jun 8th at 12:25 PM

Pls more explains at this page. 
Add docs etc. 

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