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Category: #Tweak
Author: Taska
Side: Both
Created: Mar 28th
Last modified: Jul 16th
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Candle, why won’t you light my path at night? You glow with fire and yet I stumble around in the darkness…

Item Lights is a mod that aims to address an odd inconsistency in Vintage Story. Unlike blocks, items cannot emit light when held in hand or tossed on the ground. This means that a lit candle won’t light up the area, while a torch will.

This mod gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks have. Candles, Temporal Gears, and the creative Wand are now light sources with Item Lights.


For Modders

Your mods can take advantage of this system too if installed alongside Item Lights! You only need to give your item or block an attribute like this: "itemlight": [0, 0, 6]

Any byte array value that matches this graphic should work(hover to see values):


My Other Mods

Ore Crystals: Adds crystals to ore deposits along with other various crystal-based craftables!

Meteoric Expansion: Introduces streaking meteors to the Vintage Story skies. Variable danger factor.


Any donation support would be greatly appreciated~


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 392 Jul 16th Show
v1.0.0 303 Mar 28th Show


CJHKnight2, Mar 29th

Thanks for doing this! It has been on my mind that candles did not light a room. Seemed rather silly they did not, now they do!

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