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Author: Cian
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Created: Jan 29th at 2:09 AM
Last modified: Jan 29th at 8:12 PM
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This mod adds a realistic potash making method from wood ash using barrels and pots.

In addition, it allows you to create boneash and applies the +15% permanent soil boost to both compost and the new boneash.

The method of making potash is:

  1. Burn logs in firepit (top slot). Each log gives 4 ash.
  2. Place the ash into a barrel with water. 1 ash is needed per liter. Use multiples of 10. Wait 12 hours for it to settle (seal barrel)
  3. Scoop the lye out of the barrel with a fired cooking pot. One pot is needed per 10L. (Due to the way the reaction is set, you have to add the exact amount of pots needed for the lye in the barrel. Scoop some out with a bucket temporarily if needed.)
  4. Place the pots on a firepit and boil them to get a potash crusted pot.
  5. Use a knife on the pot in the craftng grid to scrape the potash out. Each pot gives 1 potash.

The method of making boneash is:

  1. Grind bones into bonemeal.
  2. Put at least 10 bonemeal in a fire pit and heat it up to 1100 degrees using charcoal or other good fuel.
  3. Every 10 bonemeal will produce 5 boneash.
  4. This removes the other fertilizer values, but doubles up the P value and adds the permanent +15 soil boost.

Compost is crafted as usual, the only change to it is adding the +15% permanent soil boost to N.

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v1.0.1 252 Jan 29th at 8:12 PM Show
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💬 PeterSanderson, Feb 5th at 5:17 PM

Does this mod's bone ash production conflict with Bricklayers?

💬 Cian, Jan 29th at 8:18 PM

Glad you like it. The problem with adding a combined item is the way it handles the permanent boost. Each permanent boost has a code, and they don't stack. Having a combined item would have a separate code and allow it to stack with the individual ones.

I just released 1.0.1 to fix an issue with clay ovens. Apparently clay ovens can process the firewood used to heat them if the firewood has a conversion product, which filled the oven with ash that caused the game to crash.
I changed the conversion item from firewood to logs to avoid this.

💬 Cian, Jan 29th at 8:12 PM
💬 PastaNipples, Jan 29th at 4:58 AM

This is a super nifty mod, thank you! If you find it possible, could you make a 'mixed fertilizer bag' item, combining like bonemeal/saltpeter/compost all into one item, with all the fertility resources combined in that one item? So rather than spreading three articles of fertilizer, a player can just whack some dirt with one item and call it a night!

Even if not, still like a good way to produce potash, big thanks!

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