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Category: #QoL
Author: SpearAndFang
Side: Both
Created: May 31st at 3:03 AM
Last modified: May 31st at 3:04 AM
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WARNING: This mod is NOT compatible with From Golden Combs.  If you want to take beekeeping to the next level be sure and check that mod out. It's hugely popular for good reason, and Vinter's a genuinely nice guy.

Buzzwords does one simple thing. If you're 12 or so blocks away from a wild beehive of some sort, you'll get a 'BzZzZzZ...' text alert to notify you that bees are nearby. Get even closer, and you'll get even more z's.

It's intended for the vanilla bee crowd, for when you can't hear ambient buzzing sounds for whatever reason. Maybe you've got that incredible VS soundtrack cranked up, maybe your significant other is shrieking like a howler monkey. idk.

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v1.0.0 161 May 31st at 3:04 AM Show

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SpearAndFang, 5 days ago

I tested this mod with v1.17.0-pre.1 and it seemed to work aok.

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