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Author: xeth
Side: Both
Created: Jan 7th 2022 at 6:12 AM
Last modified: Sep 3rd 2022 at 3:07 PM
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Latest file for v1.17.2: 1-click install

Basic rowboat that fits two players, WASD controls like Mineman:
- `W`/`S`: accelerate forward/reverse
- `A`/`D`: turn left/right
- [right click] to place boat
- [sneak + right click] to pick up boat

By default option `RequireOar = true` so players need a `Rowboat oar`
item **in both hands** to actually use the boat.
This can be disabled in mod config.
Both front and rear seat can also control the boat.
When two players row boat together, they can move faster than
just a single player (can adjust in mod config).

Boats should be able to move up/down water using default ingame 
entity water physics.

Client rowboat just sends movement control packets to server.
Server handles actual rowboat movement. 

`>but the rowing is wrong and boat backwards`  
yes I've rowed b4 & know the animations r incorrect, but its
shitty gameplay to row backwards even if correct irl.
deal with it :^)  
if someone sends me better anims ill add 

Config Options
| Basic config                 | Description                       | Default |
| RequireOar                   | Reqire oar item to control boat   |   true  |
| AllowFrontSeatToControlBoat  | Allow front seat to control       |   true  |
| AllowRearSeatToControlBoat   | Allow rear seat to control        |   true  |

To make it a mineman style boat, set:
- `RequireOar=false`
- `AllowFrontSeatToControlBoat=true`
- `AllowRearSeatToControlBoat=false`

| Boat mechanics config        | Description                       | Default |
| MaxForwardSpeedSingle        | Max forward speed, 1 player row   |   0.15  |
| MaxReverseSpeedSingle        | Max reverse speed, 1 player row   |  -0.05  |
| MaxForwardSpeedDouble        | Max forward speed, 2 players row  |   0.18  |
| MaxReverseSpeedDouble        | Max reverse speed, 2 players row  |  -0.1   |
| MaxForwardSpeedOnLand        | Max forward speed on land         |   0.02  |
| MaxReverseSpeedOnLand        | Max reverse speed on land         |  -0.02  |
| ForwardAcceleration          | Forward acceleration per player   |   0.005 |
| ReverseAcceleration          | Reverse acceleration per player   |   0.005 |
| DragDecelerationFactor       | Multiplicative deceleration       |   0.8   |
| ClampSpeedToZeroThreshold    | Min speed before clamping to 0    |   0.1   |
| TurnAcceleration             | Turning acceleration per player   |   0.002 |
| DragTurningFactor            | Turning deceleration              |   0.6   |
| MaxAngularVelocitySingle     | Max turning speed, 1 player row   |   0.05  |
| MaxAngularVelocityDouble     | Max turning speed, 2 player row   |   0.08  |

| Advanced                     | Description                             | Default |
| OarIdleAnimation             | Animation when not using oar            |  "..."  |
| OarRowForwardAnimation       | Animation when moving forward           |  "..."  |
| OarRowReverseAnimation       | Animation when moving backward          |  "..."  |
| MaxMountDistance             | Max distance away that player can mount |   2.5   |

- Player yaw is locked to boat orientation, so player can't use
  tools or interact with things around it while in boat

- Cendar: French translation



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.5 8745 Sep 3rd 2022 at 3:07 PM Show Install now
v0.0.4 640 Aug 21st 2022 at 8:58 PM Show Install now
v0.0.3 6429 Jan 30th 2022 at 2:50 AM Show Install now
v0.0.2 1536 Jan 11th 2022 at 1:13 AM Show Install now
v0.0.1 483 Jan 10th 2022 at 12:27 AM Show Install now

34 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 influx, Oct 18th at 1:52 AM

Throws and error in console, looks like there is a hardcoded path when it tries to load some assemblies. looking for files in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\...

💬 Mohandar, Jul 7th at 12:23 PM

Throws some error in console, obsolete maybe, you should check the new raft code

💬 Hexwitch, Jun 17th at 6:24 PM

The rowboat looks nicer, too, especially when playing on maps with increased ocean coverage

💬 Ginko72, Mar 29th at 4:32 PM

May be obsolete in some sense, but rafts are slow.  Maybe the rowboat can be re-added as a faster version of the raft.  I'd love to see it reimplimented as a kayak with forward facing rowing and built in stowage!

💬 Ginko72, Mar 29th at 4:30 PM
💬 DanaCraluminum, Feb 24th at 1:47 PM

Obsolete in 1.18 because rafts are added

💬 Pohl, Jan 14th at 7:09 PM

Will the boat de-spawn if it's left in the water?

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 13th at 5:40 PM

The rowboat oars should stack. Inventory management isn't very good in VS.

💬 Ziru, Nov 28th 2022 at 4:47 PM

🇪🇸 Spanish traduction:

save as "es-es.json" in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Mods\xrowboat_0.0.5\assets\xrowboat\lang

💬 RuneScholar, Oct 24th 2022 at 7:27 PM

Great mod, but unfortunately it causes a conflict with the vanilla feature "immersive first person" which causes the hair and any headgear to be visible and in the way of the player's view.

💬 Mendall, Oct 1st 2022 at 8:36 PM

thank you for the return info much appreciated.

Love the mod  and thnks again.

you did an amazing job on the look of the boats they are so detailed.

💬 DanaCraluminum, Oct 1st 2022 at 10:17 AM


Every mod config should be in AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig folder

VintagestoryData folder stores everything (except base game files), including settings, Mods, Backups, Saves, Logs, Macros, WorldEdit schematics and etc.

💬 Mendall, Oct 1st 2022 at 4:39 AM

any one know how to get to the mod options he speaks of  i have looked every where.

is there a hot key to open them or something.

💬 Rhyagelle, Sep 11th 2022 at 6:36 AM

How do you adjust in "mod config"? 

💬 DanaCraluminum, Aug 24th 2022 at 9:59 PM

Can rowboat oar be leaned against wall?

💬 RogueRaiden, Aug 8th 2022 at 8:23 AM

This is conflicting in 1.17 with the immersive first person view, making the hair visible

💬 HeraldRejn, Jul 23rd 2022 at 4:29 PM

Hey, can you add option to make boat with chests or clay jars to store items/food xd 

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 2nd 2022 at 6:11 PM

The oars should face down/sidewards in first person, while sitting in the boat. it does look strange, if these are pointing forwards without any animation, while driving.

💬 GingerHasASoul, May 28th 2022 at 5:57 PM

Really like this mod, the boat model, the fact that you can do two passengers.  Agree with other comments that some requested updates would be: 1) ability to mount a light source to the boat, 2) ability to place a chest/storage vessel in the boat (maybe sacrificing the second passenger space or configurable as to whether you can still hold two passengers if there is a storage container loaded), 3) placement standing atop the boat upon dismount instead of dropping the player directly below the boat.

💬 Vinter_Nacht, May 18th 2022 at 7:08 PM

I much desire boats with cargo, and a hand-cart.

💬 Theisgood, Apr 15th 2022 at 10:49 PM

MaxForwardSpeedSingle | Max forward speed, 1 player row | 3.0


LOL what would this do would the game crash or would I go at super speeds?

💬 JaeSaber, Mar 21st 2022 at 3:25 AM

still having issues placeing boat 1.16, 0.03, right click

💬 RogueRaiden, Feb 7th 2022 at 9:44 PM

ohhh chest and lantern slots would be epic. Also ability to stand on the boat, getting ejected on top

💬 Lumber, Feb 6th 2022 at 5:06 AM

Any chance there could be a storage chest in the boat? How about a slot to stick a lantern or torch at the bow? Any plans to add other things like a dugout canoe or a hide kayak? 

💬 xethAuthor, Jan 31st 2022 at 9:09 PM

updated info that controls to place/pick up are:
- [right click] to place boat

- [sneak + right click] to pick up boat

if not working on 1.16.1 make sure ur using the latest v0.0.3 of mod

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jan 31st 2022 at 9:03 PM

For me it's the other way around. I can place and use the boat, but i dont have a clue how to pick it up again. xeth

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Jan 30th 2022 at 6:21 AM

I'm on 1.16.1 and can't figure out how to place boat and use it. I have oars in both hands, throw the boat, oars in both hands, go towards boat and boat goes into inventory. Very fruatrating, please explain!

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jan 26th 2022 at 11:25 PM

Yeah. Can't place the boat at all. Also, theres no config file in the modConfig folder. Trying to use it on a multiplayer server. xeth

💬 Nebux, Jan 25th 2022 at 3:59 PM

may be stupid, but how do you place the boat?

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jan 24th 2022 at 8:40 AM

[xrowboat] Exception thrown when attempting to retrieve all types of the assembly xrowboat, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.
at System.Reflection.RuntimeModule.GetTypes(RuntimeModule module)
at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes()
at Vintagestory.Common.ModContainer.GetModSystems(Assembly assembly), InnerException: . Will ignore asssembly. Loader exceptions:
24.1.2022 09:34:33 [Error] [xrowboat] System.TypeLoadException: Method 'get_MountSupplier' in type 'XRowboat.EntityRowboatSeat' from assembly 'xrowboat, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation. xeth

💬 Cendar, Jan 19th 2022 at 4:39 AM

Hi! I made a french translation for your mod, feel free to add it if you want. 😊

fr.json - xrowboat 0.0.2

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Jan 12th 2022 at 5:10 PM

Two things:
Any way we could get two wood variants?
Would it be a mountain of work to allow a server configurable option for making the operator face the 'correct' direction? 
"shitty gameplay to row backwards even if correct irl." is clearly subjective.

💬 actuallyasriel, Jan 10th 2022 at 5:39 AM

dude, you MIGHT be a genius.

just putting that out there

💬 Feroxious, Jan 10th 2022 at 2:12 AM

omg :D am i sleeping? boats in vintage story...this is just wow :D


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