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Author: DrakeBD
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Created: Apr 20th at 10:32 PM
Last modified: Jun 3rd at 7:41 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.7: 1-click install

VS Server Panel is an all-in-one, configurable mod for Vintage Story. It provides a server description and a rules list, all customizable via a config file on the server. This mod is designed to streamline communication between server administrators and players, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

The Panel can be Toggled with the HOME key on the keyboard at any time.

The VS Server Panel also comes complete with social buttons, linking to your server’s HomepageDiscordGuildedFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Patreon. This feature allows players to stay connected and engaged with your server community across various social platforms.

The social buttons can also be changed from what they have been set to by default by changing the the name of the button but dont forget to also change the ActiveSocials section to match your new set of social buttons

for example you could change Patreon to Paypal and have it show on the UI that way instead.

Whether you’re running a small private server or a large public one, the VS Server Panel mod is an indispensable tool for effective server management and community engagement.

Once added to the Server and launcher it will create the config files so you can Edit them to your liking
Any help needed feel free to leave a commet or join our discord by following the Issue Tracker.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.1.5 1372 Jun 3rd at 7:41 PM Show Install now
v0.1.4 1120 Apr 26th at 8:03 PM Show Install now
v0.1.3 57 Apr 25th at 6:04 PM Show Install now
v0.1.2 163 Apr 24th at 6:45 PM Show Install now
v0.1.1 89 Apr 21st at 4:13 PM Show Install now
v0.1.0 166 Apr 20th at 10:34 PM Show Install now

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💬 Maamessu, Jun 17th at 7:09 PM

Latest update is working great! No more crashing issue!

I think what the other comments want is the ability to customize the tab labels.

I also think a good idea would be to add a third tab we can customize. For example, I would like a third tab for a changelog where I can list updates and changes to the server.

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Jun 8th at 8:16 AM

Glad you found it haha BirchWind

💬 BirchWind, Jun 7th at 7:27 AM

*updated - found in Data->ModConfig
Hi :) Just wondering where the config file is created? I'm using Citadel, and the mod is there/active but I can't see where it can be edited. 

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, May 27th at 8:32 AM

Not sure  what you mean by the listing style of the rules page if you dont want listings then just delete the others and use only 1 instead of 2 and 3 and so on there only needs to be one i only had 3 as an example for how the config works

as Server Rules? there is only a Rules List and Server Panel at the top?

Please can your clarify further on requirements? WickedSchnitzel

💬 WickedSchnitzel, May 26th at 2:53 PM

How about a "Terms & Conditions" tab.
And i would like to request to remove the "Server Rules" header and the listing style of the rules page (1:, 2: etc.). People can add these themselfes, if required.

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, May 20th at 9:39 PM

Ok thank you for the clarification i will fix that in the next update :D Maamessu

💬 Maamessu, May 20th at 7:33 PM

I turned the discord button back on and that seems to have fixed the crashes, so I do believe it was due to having them all disabled.

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, May 20th at 4:28 PM

To Maamessu it could be that try enabling one button but dont add a link for that desired social button and see if it crashes again if it doesnt then that is the face and if thats the case that should be an easy fix with another bool value like DisableAllSocials = True or False that way can stop the crash from occuring completely


To The_True_Goo 
What you asking is already setup in the panel just change the keys and the values of the names of the buttons to what you need  including the disabled sections too and it will update on the UI with your new names for each button but yes both Social and ActiveSocial need to have the same names or it will throw a fit haha the socials MUST match ActiveSocials keys.


The_True_Goo Maamessu

💬 The_True_Goo, May 19th at 9:44 AM

Hi there @DrakeBD

I want to ask is it possible to change the names and links of the clickable buttons on the bottom of the panel as I'd like it to link to some of the discord channels with more info on the server 
everytime I have changed the name of the Social and the link it crashes my client when trying to join the server. 
Should I change both Social and ActiveSocial name? 

Thank you.
Ps: please @me when you reply ^^"

💬 Maamessu, May 17th at 7:02 AM

Here's a link to one of the crashes:

Could it be because I've disabled all of the social buttons or something weird like that?

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, May 15th at 4:55 PM

That is odd have not experience that myself and i have not done any new updates as of yet to make changes that would crash players could that be a server issue maybe i will have a glance back over the code once i get chance to and see if anything stands out that could cause an issue do you have a crash log you could provide for these crashes so i could narrow it down Maamessu

💬 Maamessu, May 15th at 6:01 AM

For some reason, new players attempting to interact with the server panel when joining the server would cause them to crash. I couldn't reproduce the issue myself, but it affected every single one of my players last night. Very odd.

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, May 13th at 4:55 PM

That is actually a rather good idea to be fair i shall look into making them changes for the next version i do of the mod

💬 YinTheGhost, May 11th at 9:29 PM

A really awesome feature would be too have something akin to a "changelog", basically allowing the server to force open the panel whenever something has been changed, regardless of settings.

💬 morlanius, Apr 27th at 7:19 PM

tips hat

This mod will be considered a server essential before you know it.

Thank you.



💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Apr 25th at 6:31 PM

New update is out fixing the scroll bar issue :D

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Apr 24th at 8:39 PM

Bug found the scroll bar is not working now will fix in the next update 

💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Apr 21st at 4:53 PM

I have found the issue with the client not getting the server config will be fixed in the next update thankl you for the report on that had to dig and do some testing hehe


💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Apr 21st at 4:15 PM

Have pushed a new version to fix the UI issues

As for the Server Config been sent to the Client the client has both server and client configs but when they connect to a dedicated server that runs the mod the config setup on the server loads the data to display the clients when they connect on the UI i will test further but as far as i am aware this work


💬 DrakeBDAuthor, Apr 21st at 2:57 PM

I am aware of a few issue that have been reported to me about the mod i will do my best to fix these up this is my first VS Mod itself so bare with me while i get it spot on for you all 

I will also think about the back port once its been fixed up and working as it should be doing without these little bugs
morlanius The_True_Goo

💬 morlanius, Apr 21st at 11:34 AM

Great stuff, I really want to use this mod but something isn't right. It doesn't look like its sending the config to the client. I'm changing the config and when the server comes back up its the default one. Last time all the text wasn't rendered on the UI properly, it was all up the top.


In the config I populated the strings without adding or removing items, just changed the text. In the socials section I removed all except homepage and discord (yes I remove the last comma so the list is complete).


great mod though, and once its working reliably I will certainly be using it, spot on!

💬 The_True_Goo, Apr 21st at 10:46 AM

HI there, Just wanna ask is there any hope that this could get a back port for 1.19.3?


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