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Created: Dec 7th 2021 at 1:38 PM
Last modified: Jun 6th at 7:46 PM
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Adds roleplay professions and eventually a class based magic and experience system based on 16 classes

This requires the vsroleplayraces and optionally vsroleplaychat subcomponents

This mod is not guaranteed to be maintained and is just here for sharing

This is built and runs on our roleplaying server

Making runic ink

2 salt and honey in a barrel to make alum honey

alum honey and 2 blueberryies in a barrel to make ink

runes and a hammer to make crushed runes

2 crushed rune and ink in a barrel to make runic ink

clay to make an empty inkwell

feather and inkwell to make inkwell and quill

runic ink and an empty inkwell and quill in a barrel to make runic inkwell and quill

Making Spells

In a scribes table insert a scroll and the runic inkwell and quills and stay on the screen until the scribing is complete

Example Spell Combinations

Not all combinations are ready yet, if they are they will be craftable in the table

Here are some example ones:

Casting Spells

Memorise 8 spells in your L button window

You can set your active spell spell with ALT-1 to 8 or press CTRL to unset your active spell

You can release it with right click (or shift right click to cast on self)



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.16.5-rc.2 116 Jun 6th at 7:46 PM Show
v1.16.5-rc.1 103 Apr 25th at 11:46 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.40 93 Apr 7th at 12:40 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.39 82 Apr 6th at 9:22 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.38 70 Apr 5th at 7:34 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.37 100 Mar 29th at 7:46 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.36 90 Mar 29th at 11:53 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.35 80 Mar 29th at 11:42 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.32 92 Mar 26th at 5:49 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.30 91 Mar 26th at 11:39 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.29 102 Mar 25th at 5:14 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.28 97 Mar 23rd at 8:33 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.27 112 Mar 22nd at 12:46 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.26 88 Mar 21st at 9:35 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.25 88 Mar 21st at 9:11 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.24 98 Mar 20th at 11:45 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.23 91 Mar 19th at 11:31 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.22 85 Mar 19th at 12:08 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.21 84 Mar 14th at 10:25 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.20 74 Mar 14th at 1:04 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.19 88 Mar 14th at 12:58 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.17 90 Mar 14th at 12:09 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.15 84 Mar 13th at 11:55 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.14 89 Mar 13th at 9:47 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.12 97 Mar 13th at 12:08 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.11 89 Mar 12th at 10:46 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.9 90 Mar 12th at 5:30 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.8 86 Mar 9th at 10:06 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.7 83 Mar 9th at 12:11 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.6 88 Mar 8th at 10:55 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.5 85 Mar 8th at 10:44 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.4 86 Mar 8th at 7:20 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.2 96 Mar 6th at 7:48 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.1 122 Mar 5th at 9:37 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.9 145 Feb 22nd at 9:53 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.8 105 Feb 22nd at 12:39 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.7 111 Feb 20th at 3:21 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.6 101 Feb 20th at 2:35 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.4 100 Feb 20th at 12:35 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.3 105 Feb 16th at 11:51 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.2 96 Feb 12th at 4:19 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.1 104 Feb 10th at 9:05 PM Show
v1.5.10-rc.2 207 Dec 10th 2021 at 10:10 AM Show
v1.5.10-rc.1 171 Dec 7th 2021 at 1:38 PM Show

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💬 YourCreator, Jun 8th at 7:39 PM

Crash on character class info

💬 YourCreator, Jun 8th at 6:20 PM

Set it on my server and found it as very cool mod! 
Keep going!

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