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Author: mixxit
Side: Both
Created: Feb 12th at 5:50 PM
Last modified: Apr 25th at 11:49 AM
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Splits chat into roleplay and out of character chat

/ooc - Global chat

/local - Roleplay chat in a nearby range

/shout - Roleplay chat in a nearby but slightly further range (auto capitlises chat and makes red)

/do Local emote actions in a nearby range - ie /do farts


Admin Commands:

/entitynear - Lists nearby entity ids including players

/entitydo - makes an npc or player perform a /do action

/entitysay - makes an npc or player perform a /local action

This is built and runs on our roleplaying server

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.16.5-rc.1 99 Apr 25th at 11:49 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.2 92 Mar 30th at 11:43 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.1 83 Mar 29th at 10:14 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.9 88 Mar 28th at 8:52 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.8 94 Mar 22nd at 12:47 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.7 89 Mar 21st at 10:06 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.6 137 Feb 20th at 2:46 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.5 117 Feb 20th at 1:40 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.4 116 Feb 20th at 1:11 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.3 114 Feb 18th at 8:40 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.1 119 Feb 12th at 5:51 PM Show

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💬 WickedSchnitzel, May 23rd at 9:15 PM

Usernames in chat get cut off because of the [XXX] in front. Maybe shorten it?
Could you add an config file to let us determine the range of the proximity chat in blocks? mixxit

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