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Author: Vies
Side: Both
Created: Jun 24th at 9:03 PM
Last modified: Sep 7th at 10:39 AM
Downloads: 1354

VS version : 1.15.2   |   Current version : 1.0.4

This mod adds machines to Vintage Story. Supports singleplayer and multiplayer servers. To get started, find the handbook guides "Vol.I : The 'Vies' Craft" and "Vol.II : Machine and You". It goes over recipes and basic info on machines. 


Features :

    Current machine types : Flying (Airship) - Airships are single player machines. They start off with 4 slot inventories

    Core systems : 

        Fuel system : All machine require fuel to run. Machine accept Charcoal, Brown Coal, Black Coal, and Machine pellets to run. All fuel types burn for different times.

        Energy system : While a machine is running (burning fuel), they will slowly gain 'Energy'. Energy is used to modify machines via textures, models, renaming the machine, colors, etc.

        Durability system : While a machine is running (burning fuel), they will slowly loose 'Durability'. Lower durability will lead to engine troubles.  Currently will start smoking and only have kickback, which will stop you randomly and make an soft "tink" noise. Next update will introduce minor and major engine issues. replenish durability with a Durability Kit.

        Upgrade system : All machines can be enhanced via applying upgrade kits. The upgradable parts are:

              Frame : Max Health, Max Energy, Max Durability, Turn Speed.

              Engine : Forward Speed.

              Module : +4 Storage Spaces, Max Altitude, Verticle Speed.

        Ownership system : Machines are only usable to those who throw them. To remove ownership of a machine, convert the machine back into an item. The item can be given to another player and when they throw it, wil will belong to them. 'Creative' players can enter any machine to break them down (thinking server admins). Offline players on multiplayer servers will have their machines tagged as "Offline player".

        Customize system : Machines can be customized in a few ways:

              Textures : There are 4 texture types that can be changed. These are labeled as frame, engine, module, and base (rope + seat). This costs machine energy to change. To have textures properly displayed to other players, machines must be converted into an item and thrown again.

              Name : Machines can have any name. Names can be composed of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. This costs machine energy to change.


Known issues :

- None right now!


Next update :

- Thinking about the customization system to change textures, texture colors, models, machine names, etc.


Planned features :

- Ability to change models in the customize tab.

- More qol things like sounds, particles, and overall visual ques.

- A temperature system? Leaving a machine outside during winter not running could lower durability and health as it sits. Like the idea of storing machine in a hanger or something.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.5 340 Sep 7th at 10:39 AM Show
v1.0.4 339 Jul 26th at 10:48 PM Show
v1.0.2 176 Jul 20th at 8:32 PM Show
v0.9.0 83 Jul 19th at 10:04 PM Show
v0.7.0 188 Jul 1st at 7:32 PM Show
v0.4.24 126 Jun 28th at 1:02 AM Show
v0.4.0 102 Jun 24th at 9:04 PM Show

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Berkyjay, 6 days ago

I'm guessing this mod is abandoned?  It's a shame really.  I was hoping to use this as an end game way to explore the northern and southern regions of my map.  But as it stands now, the mod isn't really usable.  It's way too shaky, way too slow, and it seems like you can only go to 130 elevation.  Hopefullt you pick it back up and continue working on it.  There's tons or promise here.

Berkyjay, Sep 9th at 8:42 PM

HAs the ability to change the default speed been added to the modconfig file?

matinez, Sep 8th at 5:06 PM

@Vies Hi, thank You for great mod. I've got one problem, the vehicle shakes a lot when I fly. Forward, backward, up and down it's moving but no matter of what it shakes so much. I tried with other mods and without any mods. I tried on another computer, same problem. But if a friend joins my save via LAN I can see his aircraft without shaking. 

Plese help

Sorry for my english

Vies, Jul 22nd at 8:47 PM

@Juliusvanvern Nice video! Someone in my discord showed this to me before I came on here. Thank you for making it!

Juliusvanvern, Jul 22nd at 9:05 AM

Möchtest du wissen, was der Mod macht, dann schau es dir doch hier an.

Want to know what the mod does, check it out here.


Vies, Jul 19th at 10:23 PM

@Polraudio My pleasure! Glad you are liking it!
@Berkyjay The base airship is suppose to move slow, that is why I have the upgrade system in. After I finish the 1.15.1 update, I will be putting in a config file option that allows users to make the speeds greater for each tier.
@stony I will be upgrading the mod to 1.15.1 in the next update. Things should work better then!
@Verlia, I will send you a message. There isn't a real mounting system in the game yet, but we can chat about that via Discord.

Verlia, Jul 16th at 3:37 PM

Hey Vies! I was wondering if you could DM me sometime on Discord! I'm Verlia#5712 

I've a mod that has horses, cats, snakes, rats, lizards, frogs, spiders and a couple mythical types Faunling and land griffon (unpublished atm). 

I was hoping maybe you could help me make my horses mountable! Please let me know if you can help! 

stony, Jul 13th at 11:17 PM

Hello. In 1.15rc3 the recipes for tier2 upgrade kits don´t work. Tier1 ones work though.

Berkyjay, Jul 12th at 6:02 AM

Is the base airship supposed to move very slowly.  It feels like it's moving as slow as sneak speed, which is pretty useless ingame.

Polraudio, Jul 6th at 11:19 PM

Love this mod for Minecraft. Thank you for making it for VS.

Vies, Jun 28th at 1:14 AM

Sorry for the delay, had family visit and been working hard to get the machine all ironed out for multiplayer servers (works great so far)!
@Ravenrune Probably not. I think it would look weird to see a huge machine glitch though mountains and what not. Doesn't really work with how I am implementing these machines. 
@Makuta That would be nice, but not how I am working with my machines. Would be cool if someone came out with that kind of mod though!
@Dundra Glad you are liking the streams! I am so glad I started doing that, and definitely will continue in the future.! /shamelessplug ->
@Ravenrune That should be better in the 0.4.25 update I just released. The max altitude is now calculated by the worlddata's "sealevel" + blocks for each tier. If you have a work that is 1000 blocks high and sealevel is 500, that is your base. The next update now that multiplayer stuff is ironed out, is the upgrade system, and fine tuning those numbers. I want to do a sealevel to max height thing, with % based calculations. 

Ravenrune, Jun 25th at 1:31 PM

Some constructive criticism/encouragement.

This mod pairs really well and compliments the Mod "Caelum Teras" which is a world-gen mod that turns the world into shattered floating islands with a lava/mantle underworld below.

Ever since playing that mod, I've though that an endgame airship would be amazing. The overworld can be quite difficult to traverse, even up to end-game. You can make a climbing rope, climbing picks, and a glider, but that's all you'll have the rest of the game, and it's still a bit difficult. I thought an end-game airship would fit in nicely as a reward for your progress.

Thus, this mod is very promising—although I would love larger ships too—but the one issue is that, with the world setting of the Caelum Teras mod, and the available altitude for the airships, I can only fly up to the bottoms of the islands. Being able to set the Y height in configs for abnormal worlds such as this would be a big bonus.

Dundra, Jun 25th at 3:42 AM

Looks great! I have been enjoying the developement streams on Twitch that you have been doing for it!

Makuta, Jun 24th at 9:36 PM

It would be friggin awesome if there was a way to build your airship, just like in Archimedes Ships from Minecraft... That would be badass.

Ravenrune, Jun 24th at 9:15 PM


Any chance for larger airships eventually?

Vies, Jun 24th at 9:04 PM

Reserved. ;)

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