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Author: Dooters
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Created: Feb 11th at 8:32 PM
Last modified: Feb 14th at 6:31 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.3: 1-click install


SaplingTreeParams stopped working in 1.19.3 and I got some time to update this mod.

this was tested on 1.19.3.

edit: I must've made some mistake on building the first release at some point and it wouldn't load the mod correctly in the game. please install version 1.0.1 🙏😅

Updated Framework

I had to make a new repo,
because I didn't know how to update the original project to the new framework.
Framework was updated to .net7 like the game.

Config Loading

previous mod allowed the config to be loaded mutiple times during the game.
current mod loads config once at game startup and sets the list once.

Mod/Config Changes

1. you can now decide on what trees to modify, default is "pine".
2. config can't be empty, either load the mod or disable it.
3. you can now set ignoreColdTemp so that trees could grow in extreme weather conditions.
4. any tree that isn't in the list will be unaffected by this mod.

Config Schema

      "treeType": "pine",
      "skipForestFloor": true,
      "size": 0.5,
      "otherBlockChance": 1.0,
      "vinesGrowthChance": 0.01,
      "mossGrowthChance": 0.02,
      "ignoreColdTemp": true
      "treeType": "acacia",
      "skipForestFloor": true,
      "size": 0.5,
      "otherBlockChance": 1.0,
      "vinesGrowthChance": 0.01,
      "mossGrowthChance": 0.02,
      "ignoreColdTemp": false
   }, ...

Config Location

same place as previous mod: VintageStoryData/ModConfig


Game version - 1.19.3.

Client - works.

Server - works.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.1 25 Feb 14th at 6:31 PM Show Install now

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