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Author: Teppich
Side: Both
Created: Oct 6th 2022 at 1:10 AM
Last modified: Oct 6th 2022 at 1:11 AM
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Latest file for v1.17.0: 1-click install

Do you need a particular kind of farmland very quickly and you don't want to spend hours and hours trying to find it and lug it home? Do you struggle ad nauseum finding Terra Preta, no matter which end of the earth and depth of hell that you have gone to find it? Do you have bunches of fertilizer laying around and not enough uses for them?

Welcome to Tiered Soil!

Use fertilizer to increase the fertility of all soils, from barren to high, to get soils that are a tier higher. The fertilizer costs go up depending on the tier of soil that you're trying to access, in conjunction with the increased nutrient costs that you receive with your soil.

A huge thanks to Mojogopo#7348 for the initial idea to create this mod.

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v1.0.0 1167 Oct 6th 2022 at 1:11 AM Show Install now

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💬 Luksor, Nov 22nd at 1:11 PM

I don't get this mod, what is the point of spending so much fertilizers, road from ONE medium fert to ONE terra is 35 compost and 7 of each other fertilizers what is sick.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Oct 19th at 9:42 PM

TheSapphicSeas Provided the names of the assets do not change or the assets are not removed, it should continue to work. If it does not, please let me know.

💬 TheSapphicSeas, Oct 18th at 6:08 AM

Any idea if this works for the latest version? New to vintage story and was sad fertilizer didn't work this way.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Sep 19th at 10:20 PM

Yskar Admittedly, I have not worked on or even opened Tiered Soil since its creation.

💬 Yskar, Sep 19th at 12:06 AM

This idea is awesome, sadly it didn't get updated to the latest version. :(

💬 TheGrunge, Dec 31st 2022 at 2:59 AM

in real life? biochar is a bit of a pain to acquire directly and is typically a side-product of charcoal filtration of aquariums and aquaponics systems, it's just charcoal with living bacteria and a lot of debris trapped in it
for game blance while still being realistic? straight up just adding (preferablly crushed) charcoal to the soil is a great way improve the soil as it naturally turns into biochar over time

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 19th 2022 at 5:04 AM

Balthizar In what way would I add charcoal to the soil? I'm not familiar with biochar or what it does and I'm relatively new to modding (in the way of asset production and coding), but I could probably add it if it's not super complicated.

💬 Balthizar, Dec 19th 2022 at 2:13 AM

Have you thought of adding charcoal to your list of soil amendments? Biochar is a great way to prevent the soil from losing all the water soluble nutrients too fast.

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