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Created: Jan 28th at 8:31 AM
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Thaumatology is the study of miracles. The science of the unscientific. The pursuit of explanation for the inexplicable.
It's also a mod for Vintage Story.

Thaumatology lets you harness the essence inherent in the world around you to perform miraculous feats of magic and alchemy. Disassemble the world into its base components and reshape them into a form more to your liking.

In practice, this means that most things in the world can be broken down into whatever essences comprise them. Those essences, volatile as they may be; can with the proper expertise and equipment, be reconstituted together to create new things, old things, red things, blue things, light things and... dark things.

Be a Wizard or an alchemist, a miracle worker or a madman, a druid in peace with nature or a power crazed cultist in search of forbidden truths. The answers are all around you, as soon as you decide the question you wish to ask.

As a mod Thaumatology is an in-progress work with great potential. It will in time touch on most aspects of the game in some way, but it will always require you to make the first step. One's mind must be open to see the world for what it really is, after all. As such no vanilla content will be edited if at all possible, to maintain compatibility and to leave the player the option to close their eyes to the truth. That everything is cake multi-coloured bottles of juice under the surface.

I hope there's others here that remember ThaumCraft as fondly as I do and hope that you'll join me on this journey: Discord

On the topic of ThaumCraft:

To address the inevitable elephant in the room: Yes, this mod is very heavily inspired by Azanor's "ThaumCraft" for Minecraft. No, it does not use any of his intellectual property. All code and art is written or created by me (except where credited otherwise), although there will be some inevitable overlap because just as I draw inspiration from ThaumCraft I also draw my own inspiration from the things that inspired ThaumCraft originally. The symbol for the Thaumaturge from ThaumCraft, the pi symbol looking one, is featured as a nod to Azanor's work but I do not intend to just replicate ThaumCraft's functionality. Thaumatology will likely be a more light-hearted spin on the concept; though there will be some darker optional paths for the brave, foolhardy or mad to tread. I'm mainly making this mod because I fell in love with ThaumCraft many years ago, and when it was discontinued it broke my heart. I wish Azanor all the best, wherever he is, and I decided that rather than waiting for some theoretical eventual update by CoFH I would just bring my own take on the idea to a game that captured my imagination more than Minecraft ever did.

Apache, for his invaluable help and expertise; check out his awesome map utility mod here.
Tonzag, for producing some very nice models far in excess of what I could've done myself in any reasonable length of time.
Azanor, for his work on ThaumCraft; stirring the imaginations of thousands of people.

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💬 Pinkytwigosh, Nov 11th at 7:15 AM

Looking forward to this when you do eventually release it. :)

💬 Bendigeidfran, Oct 20th at 2:19 PM

The project is very much on-going, but the scope grew quite a bit as people started expressing enthusiasm for more advanced concepts than I originally planned, as I work a lot progress is slow but I haven't abandoned it. It's just a case of "I want to make something good, and I don't want to release it in a bad state." Unfortunately my work takes a lot of time away from my more creative pursuits, but this was always going to be a long-term project. 

💬 Josyph, Jul 29th at 12:56 AM

Is this project still under development?  It's so exciting sounding!

💬 Malkosh, May 4th at 1:48 PM

Looking forward to the release. Looks good thus far.

💬 Bendigeidfran, Apr 3rd at 12:35 PM

That's cool of him, but I think it's important to distance myself from it a little bit. I don't intend to use any of his textures, except perhaps the aspect symbols later since they're free to use artwork anyway and it'd help people coming from TC. This won't be a carbon copy of ThaumCraft in any way, and I don't want to mislead people by including his textures and such making it look like a direct copy.

💬 FireFrost, Apr 1st at 2:20 AM

az said anyone was able to grab thaum and edit it as open source on , he has issues he's dealing with and won't be continuing thaum for the foreseeable future , personal stuff plus the fact that he was inindated with inquiries into why his mod was tossing errors ect from people that didn't know how mc mods worked when making a mod pack , just overwhelmed him . he has reddit ect he still checks if you'd like to post on it . I'm sure he wouldn't care if you did a similar mod using some tectures from the immortal thaumcraft and the community would love to have tc in vs , I'd say go for it . kind of like project red and redpower . 

💬 Bendigeidfran, Mar 28th at 8:11 PM

Whichever I fancy, bits and pieces from all of them I imagine. I primarily played 3-6 but I'm doing my own spin on the idea anyway, so similar concepts will likely appear from all the TC branches based on the branch of magic you choose to pursue in-game.

💬 Fancysaurus, Mar 27th at 7:14 AM

Can't wait to see this in action, I have to ask though which version of Thaumcraft are you drawing your insperation from? 

💬 Bendigeidfran, Feb 16th at 5:33 AM

Just to keep the folks that aren't in the Discord in the loop, given the unexpected popularity of the mod prior to release I've opted to develop the base systems a bit more than originally planned for the initial release. I originally expected this to begin as a small prototype that only a few people would end up using before I updated it. Since that is obviously not going to be the case, instead I'm fleshing out the base systems prior to the first release. I'm implementing an aspect system capable of assigning aspects to every block/item whether vanilla or modded automatically, that can then be offset for balance. It's a big undertaking, but once it's done it should allow for compatibility with every mod out of the box.

💬 Bendigeidfran, Feb 9th at 7:08 AM

I actually posted a request for a few models in the Thaumatology Discord earlier, if you'd like to contribute I would be very grateful, just swing by and take a look.

💬 404wasfound, Feb 9th at 5:25 AM


if you need someone to make 3D models for you, FOR FREE, please, contact via discord.  ! [404 was found]#3808

💬 Bendigeidfran, Jan 31st at 8:05 AM

The original plan was to release a very barebones form of the mod to test core features by today, but given how excited everyone seems to be I think releasing something too feature sparse would be a bad idea, so instead I'm going to delay the official release on the mod page and do a private testing period instead, only for a week or so depending on how it goes. If you're interested in testing the first versions of the mod, let me know on the Discord linked above and I'll give you the relevant role so you'll be notified when the first build is ready for testing.

💬 RayTC, Jan 29th at 11:33 PM

some amount of interest

💬 GrishkoJiggers, Jan 29th at 7:35 PM

Sweet, I guess my Thaumcraft nostalgia was making me impatient 😀
Looking forward to it!

💬 Apache, Jan 29th at 6:21 PM

I'll be following the progress of this very closely. I have a Magic Mod in mind, so it'll be good see how this is developed. :D

💬 wickedpersimmon, Jan 29th at 3:45 PM

I, too, am looking forward to this!

💬 Dundra, Jan 29th at 1:17 PM

-vibrates with anticipation-

💬 ardele, Jan 29th at 4:11 AM

Following :)  Cannot wait!


💬 Bendigeidfran, Jan 28th at 11:45 PM

The first version will be uploaded in the next day or two, I've posted this in advance to give people a chance to see it so that they can make suggestions. It'll start basic and I'll be building on it over time.

💬 Kevin_McScrooge, Jan 28th at 11:37 PM

Sweet, can't wait for the mod to come to fruition :)

💬 GrishkoJiggers, Jan 28th at 11:36 PM

Looks cool, but I don't see any uploaded files.

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