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Author: Soggylithe
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Created: Apr 5th at 7:23 PM
Last modified: Apr 24th at 8:01 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x: 1-click install

***There is curently a vanilla bug that crashes when using the arrowkeys to scroll past the end of any book's text***

For Players:

Adds stone tablets and stone stylus to give early game players an option for making checklists or writing notes.

To use them have a writing tool on your off-hand and rightclick with a tablet in your active slot.


Stylus' are crafted with a stone and stick and act as an early writing tool. They can be equipped in the accessory slot for easier writing on the go.

Tablets are crafted with a 2x3 of any basic stone type. They can be stored in all early game storage solutions as well as display cases.


If you are wearing a stylus and have an empty hand you wil automatically equip the stylus and be ready for writing!

Auto equip



  • Thanks to macoto_hino for the Japanese translation
  • Also to jaspermerle for contacting me about crashes
  • Great help chasing bugs from ShuckinBeanz & Voidwalker


Add a hotkey or modsystem for making writing while having a writing tool equipped more convenient.

    Rewrite the book system as a Library mod to allow more versatile modding access and make stylus only work with tablets not books too.

    Add recipe to copy text from a tablet to a vanilla book for people removing or migrating mods.

    Wait for a fix to the book system that properly limits Tablets to 1 page.

      - Partly working but

can be circumvented by writing an extra long line at the end of a page


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.1.4 834 Apr 24th at 8:01 AM Show Install now
v0.1.3 325 Apr 21st at 12:23 AM Show Install now
v0.1.2 112 Apr 19th at 6:00 PM Show Install now
v0.0.2 176 Apr 5th at 7:24 PM Show Install now

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💬 Soggylithe, 6 days ago

Vinter_Nacht That gives me an idea, there are times when I am out and about without any writing tools on me and it would be nice to take a note of something.

But really I want to write it down for adding to a book later so maybe there should be an easy on the go tool that decays so you have an incentive to consolidate your notes. Maybe the bark dries out and letters start disappearing/smearing.

💬 Vinter_Nacht, May 16th at 8:11 PM

You should add bone writing, and birchbark writing, just to keep this interesting and expanding.

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 26th at 12:30 AM

Lodey Hmm even stranger, it seems to be a vanilla bug with books right now (1.18.1), using the arrowkeys to scroll right when you're already at the end of the text crashes the game. >__<

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 25th at 7:57 PM

Lodey Strange, looks like its a bug with being 1 page for the maxPageCount. That explains why Parchments are 2 pages long lmao.

Should be a fix coming this evening after bughunting with the help of a server.

💬 Lodey, Apr 25th at 7:40 PM

When use the right arrow key while using the tablet and it's the end of the line the game crashes.

💬 Voidwalker, Apr 25th at 12:10 AM

Thank you so Much for the Fix!

💬 ShuckinBeanz, Apr 24th at 7:14 PM

It no longer wipes, thank you so much for the fix!

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 24th at 8:03 AM

New fix is out and will feel a little less snappy since there is some server latency built in now. Oh well, that shouldn't be an issue if/when they update books or I do it.

ShuckinBeanz Voidwalker

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 24th at 3:33 AM

Alright I know the issue but the correct fix is bugged lol.

The issue comes from a desync between the client and server about what slot the stylus is in when its equipped automatically.

I'll need a bit to figure out a workaround. Thanks again to all of you for helping with this.

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 24th at 2:25 AM

ShuckinBeanz Voidwalker Ok, I have the bug now and can look into fixing it. Thanks a ton for the feedback and yeah this is strange.

💬 ShuckinBeanz, Apr 24th at 12:32 AM

Soggylithe @Voidwalker

It was on 1.18.0. After a quick game update and check with my current modlist, it still persists. Out of curiosity I moved out all the other mods then did a game restart and I tried saving then signing a tablet and putting it into my inventory and on the ground, both times the contents are wiped. It keeps the contents saved putting it inside a bookshelf in creative, though. 😅 From my end it looks to be the mod itself? 🤔 I am using v0.1.3 of this mod, just putting that out there!

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 24th at 12:10 AM

Voidwalker What version of Vintagestory was that on or can you get me the crash text? I might be able to do a workaround if I know what is causing it.

💬 Voidwalker, Apr 23rd at 11:33 PM

Soggylithe ShuckinBeanz

I'm still having that Error myself, It happens the same way and will even wipe itself between game world load. I think its part of the Crash issue when you move the book to the next page and it CTD. Kinda sad cause I was using the Stone Tablet to add Notes and Flavor text about areas for a build.

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 23rd at 10:02 PM

ShuckinBeanz Was that on 1.18.0 or 1.18.1? It seems like 18.0 had some weirdness with written books and got fixed in 18.1 so I dont know if the issue was with mods or with vanilla strangeness.

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 23rd at 9:59 PM

OBEDIA Yeah that was a 0 hour fix

💬 ShuckinBeanz, Apr 22nd at 9:46 PM

I noticed that the contents of a tablet after saving/signing deletes itself after placing it into my inventory and on the ground. There's no crash, so no logs that I know of, and these are the mods I use. 😊


💬 OBEDIA, Apr 22nd at 7:40 AM

I had the prior version of this mod removed because it crashed my server when someone placed those blue lightplants that hang down. Did that get fixed?

💬 jaspermerle, Apr 21st at 9:30 AM

Soggylithe no problem, thank you for the fix :)

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 21st at 12:25 AM

Yep that was a silly mistake that could have been caught with some playtest hours ahead of time instead of just testing what the mod adds. >_<

I'll definitely be doing more of that with any future mod realeases. Sorry to all of you!

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 21st at 12:01 AM

jaspermerle Yep I can recreate that and am looking into it now. Sorry about the incovenience.

💬 jaspermerle, Apr 20th at 8:51 PM

hey idk if it's an issue only with me cause i got some other mods installed too, but i get a crash with the 0.1.2 version of this mod when picking up an ingot mold from the floor, it says the error occured in this mod...
In the 0.0.2 version, this does not seem to happen and work fine, with nothing changed except this mods version

💬 Voidwalker, Apr 20th at 8:51 AM

I've waited so long to use be able to write Stories/Lore in game and your mod has made it easier to start a in game journal early! Thanks so much for the mod!

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 19th at 6:25 PM

Thranos People on the Discord said the same thing and it is something I will be adding eventually.

💬 Thranos, Apr 19th at 6:08 PM

Wouldn't clay tablets make more sense?

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 15th at 4:23 AM

Phoenix32 What's wrong with the ground storage? Also what version are you on?

💬 SuspicousPickaxe, Apr 14th at 6:38 AM

Great mod, but please fix the ground storage

💬 Ruyeex, Apr 5th at 11:05 PM

Good Job for making my life easier

💬 Becherovka, Apr 5th at 8:08 PM

Great mod! 

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