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Spawners API

Create custom spawners into creative inventory and for mods usages, this will not create any type of generations or structures with it, this is a simple API to be used among other mods.

Every spawner has a own configuration, example:

  • The spawners will work as long as the ambient light is less than 13.
  • Placing torchs in the side of spawner will prevent from spawning entities
  • The darker the more fast spawners will work.
  • Spawners doesn't have a entity limit, will continue spawning infinitly.
  • Spawners will only work if theres is a player in 16 blocks XYZ.
  • Spawners will try to spawn entities in a range of 4x2x4.
  • Spawners will stop spawning when reach a total of 20 entities spawned
  • Spawners when breaked will spawn copper and casseterite or in rare cases a temporal gear
  • Spawners will only work if there a ground for the entity spawn
  • Spawners will only work if 2 tall blocks are available to entity trying to spawn

Obs: All configurations described before can be changed

If you want to create a custom spawner please check the wiki

About Spawners API

Spawners API is open source project and can easily be accessed on the github, all contents from this mod is completly free.

If you want to contribute into the project you can access the project github and make your pull request.

You are free to fork the project and make your own version of Spawners API, as long the name is changed.


  • Vanilla Minecraft Spawners

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