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Author: Axsolus
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Created: Apr 17th at 7:30 AM
Last modified: Jul 9th at 10:28 PM
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Have you ever been attacked from behind by a silent drifter that wandered on up to you from who knows where? Have you ever chased a creature through dense underbrush and lost it in the leaves? Have you ever been running from wolves for 2 minutes and turned to check if the coast was clear, only to be mauled?

Well, I have! In doing so, I realized this is because mobs don't make any sound while moving around. So I dove into the code and brute forced my own basic footsteps for all mobs. It is not synced up perfectly, but it works well enough, and is the only way to locate mobs without seeing them unless they make an idle noise.

Drifters make a unique noise, to help with differentiating them from animals. 

I don't know how compatible this is with other mods, so let me know if it breaks and I can maybe figure it out? Should be fine with anything that doesnt heavily edit entities AiTask behaviors.


If you want to make this compatible with Better Drifters, unpack the zip and navigate to the - \assets\game\patches\drifters.JSON 

Inside you'll see comments to change numbers on the last two entries - then rezip and it should be good to go!


If you want to override and remove the sounds for certain creatures, (make sure you have v 1.0.3 or later) and navigate to the .JSON for the creature you wish to override, add the prefix "silent-" all instances of "wander" "seekentity" and "fleeentity" inside the aiTask array. The text should look like this:


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Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.3 1041 Jul 9th at 10:28 PM Show Simple Mob Footsteps
v1.0.1 665 Apr 27th at 1:27 AM Show Simple Mob
v1.0.0 340 Apr 17th at 7:33 AM Show

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💬 WickedSchnitzel, Sep 6th at 6:29 PM

Doesnt work properly with 1.17 - only drifter footsteps are present. None for wolves and the like. Axsolus

💬 Axsolus, Jul 10th at 9:48 PM

ZoraFay The .JSON files you need to edit are where any new mods put them, for instance, if you wish to override a vanilla animal, you must navigate to Vintagestory\assets\survival\entities\land and any of the .JSON files you can override. 

For a mod that adds in creatures, such as Creatures and Critters - you will need to unpack the .zip, navigate to the assets\game\entities folder, where you will find the .JSONs for all the animals

💬 ZoraFay, Jul 10th at 8:13 PM

Not sure if I'm missing something.  The only .json files that I see in the v1.0.3 zip is the modinfo and drifters files.  The drifters.json file was last modified 4/26/2022.

💬 Axsolus, May 3rd at 8:29 AM

Abed Unfortunately the way it is coded, it is impossible to differentiate between creatures at the moment, unless you are to override each animal type specifically. I should be able to add in functionality so that players wanting to turn off the footsteps for specific creatures would be able to go into the .json for the offending critter and change some text in there, theoretically it should work fine for other mods as well...

With the new update v1.0.3 this is now possible, let me know if it doesnt seem to work

💬 Abed, May 2nd at 4:01 PM

Hello! This is very useful - so thanks very much for your efforts. I also have installed the Creatures and Critters mod, so I have a lot of footstep sounds around me. Is there a way to turn off footsteps for small animals and insects? I was going crazy hearing footsteps before I found it was a little slug. If there was a way to change the sounds for larger and smaller animals, that would also be nice.

💬 Axsolus, Apr 27th at 6:47 PM

@ate0ate Yes, the numbers refer to the part after aitask

So  "/server/behaviors/8/aitasks/7/code" 

should be changed to "/server/behaviors/8/aitasks/8/code"

Sorry about being a little vauge about that

💬 ate0ate, Apr 27th at 2:19 AM

In the drifters.json file where you mention changes to make if using better drifters I have a question, when you say to replace with 8 or 9 are you referring to the aitask number in the path? 

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Apr 23rd at 6:22 AM

I would like to try this but I'm on 1.16.4, not ready to switch just yet until the rest of my mods are. Great idea!

💬 Axsolus, Apr 17th at 9:46 PM

HersheysWaffles There is not at the moment, partially in order to help differentiate from the players own footsteps which would probably be on the same terrain and use the same sounds, and also because I have no idea where that function is in the code for me to dissect it ;) This is something I can work on for later editions though!

1618 Nice! I can look into adding Pet AI support - if theres a specfic popular mod you can point me to I could see if its possible to make compatible.

💬 1618, Apr 17th at 3:42 PM

Thanks for the mod. A few comments:

- This comes close to a Stealth system that Ive been hoping for. Specifically to make hunting interesting and difficult. But also applicable elsewhere.

- Many mods now use "Pet AI," so this may be one to add compatibility for.

- "Outlaw Mod" will pair nicely with this one.

💬 HersheysWaffles, Apr 17th at 1:21 PM

Very good idea! Are there different footstep sounds according to the terrain?

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