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Category: #Crafting #Magic #QoL #Tweak #Utility
Author: Asraiel
Side: Both
Created: Jul 25th at 8:42 PM
Last modified: Jul 29th at 6:45 PM
Downloads: 589

Trying to find Translocators near you? With this neat little helper your search will be a lot easier.



  • Translocator Locator
    • Tries to find broken Translocators around you
    • Needs iron age for plates
    • Mod Config to set range and durability cost of the different modes
    • Directional Mode:
      • searches in a Cone "behind" the block relative to the face clicked. If you click the wall, it will search behind the wall. If you click the floor, it will search below that block, etc.
      • example with range 5 (C = clicked block, X = unchecked block, ■ = checked block, project to 3D)

    • Three differently sized Radius Modes
      • Will search in a small, medium or large radius around the clicked block, in every direction.
      • Large radius may cause momentary lag, use config to reduce radius if needed.
    • 1500 Durability
    • Default values are currently:
      • Directional mode: 20 range, 1 durability
      • Small Radius mode: 20 range, 1 durability
      • Medium Radius mode: 50 range, 5 durability
      • Large Radius mode: 100 range, 20 durability
  • Ancient Ruin Locator
    • same functionality as Translocator Locator but:
      • own config values
      • looks for aged wood blocks
        • bed
        • chair
        • table
        • planks
        • wallpaper planks
      • does not show the number of blocks found
      • can NOT distinguish between generated and player placed blocks
    • uses aged wood planks instead of metal parts, so you still have to reach iron age and you must have found at least one underground ruin on your own


Currently has english and german localization.


There will most likely be a ton of bugs. Please hit me up on Discord or comment here if you encounter any problems.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 295 Jul 29th at 6:45 PM Show
v1.0.0 87 Jul 28th at 9:16 PM Show
v0.2.0 107 Jul 27th at 5:04 PM Show
v0.1.0 100 Jul 25th at 8:52 PM Show

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PilotDoug, Oct 21st at 10:32 AM

To what depth does this mod explore for each range setting? The 100 block setting checks 100 blocks at the center and how many blocks deep at, say, 50 and 75 blocks from the center.



Paned, Oct 12th at 5:35 PM

I got a Problem with this mod on game version 1.15.6

I can not use it on multiplayer (game crashes every time i use it).

I only can use this tool in multiplayer when i have used it bevore in singleplayer. (maybe some kind of variable does not load on mp?)


workaround for now:

bevore using it on mp, login to your sp world, use the tool, login to the mp server and then you can use the tool.


please fix this (i like that mod)


Thank you :)

Berkyjay, Sep 25th at 9:22 PM

Is this mod still being worked on?

Berkyjay, Sep 13th at 6:56 AM

So if I have an aged wood bed placed in my base, will the Ancient Ruin Locator detect that?

Asraiel, Jul 29th at 6:47 PM

@DArkHekRoMaNT Yes I noticed that earlier today as well. Version 1.0.1 has an updated recipe for both locators.

@Chuckles The Ancient Ruin Locator is its own item with its own recipe.

Chuckles, Jul 29th at 3:49 PM

What's the command to switch between modes on the Ancient Locator?


to clarify, have the chat window up, then press F


DArkHekRoMaNT, Jul 29th at 12:44 PM

How to craft it? The temporal gear has a stack size of 1. Or have you changed the stack size?

Perhaps it is worth changing the recipe to PGP,GMG,P_P, where P is plate, G is t. gear, M - metal parts x4?

Draaven1, Jul 27th at 5:24 PM

Thank you. I'll try your mode soon.

Asraiel, Jul 27th at 5:11 PM

@Draaven @explorerbee I added an Ancient Ruin Locator tool to the mod. Check the description or change log for details.

Asraiel, Jul 27th at 7:02 AM

I did not test with 1.14 or below, but for the reason you mentioned this mod needs 1.15+, pretty sure.

Berkyjay, Jul 26th at 9:57 PM

Just to be sure, this requires 1.15 to work right?  In 1.14 the temporal gears don't stack.  So I'm assuming that's a 1.15 change?

Berkyjay, Jul 26th at 8:10 PM

@Asraiel Gotcha, that's sounds like a way to balance it.  I haven't used it quite yet.  I was gonna wait until I upgraded to 1.15.  :)

Asraiel, Jul 26th at 8:04 PM

@Berkyjay As of now, the locator has limited durability with higher cost for higher range operations. You could configure higher durabilty costs if you think the current durability is too high.
Repairing is not really worth it imho, as you can recraft it with materials you can aquire from traders or farm from drifters.

@Draaven @explorerbee I'll check which method of finding underground ruins might be suitable. If I can distinguish whether a block has been placed by world generation or by a player, this might work. Otherwise this will probably lead to false positives near player structures.

Berkyjay, Jul 26th at 6:23 PM

LOVE this idea.  One suggestion.  If you can manage it, I would make it so that this device breaks down with every use and requires temporal gears to repair.  Not sure how technically feasible that would be  But I feel it would balance it out more and give players a reason to fight drifters more.

explorerbee, Jul 26th at 5:14 PM

Would be nice to search for everything from aged wood.

Asraiel, Jul 26th at 4:53 PM

I could easily add another tool that searches for another specific block, maybe tapestries? Would that help?

Draaven1, Jul 26th at 2:15 PM

It would be brilliant, if this tool could also locate hidden chambers.

Chuckles, Jul 26th at 3:39 AM

This makes me happy.

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