Mods / Igniting Fix

Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: ArcadianPig
Side: Server
Created: Jul 24th
Last modified: Jul 25th
Downloads: 183

Patches the game so that igniting things with a torch behaves the way it should.
Torches and bombs should only take one second to light while the rest take 3-4 seconds to light.

Also includes a config to allow igniting with torches instant for those with less patience.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 134 Jul 25th Show TorchFix_v1.0.2.dll
v1.0.1 42 Jul 25th Show TorchFix_v1.0.1.dll


nj9925, Sep 11th

Through my (admittedly short) amount of experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that this fix doesn't only affect the lighting speed of torches and bombs. A frustrating side-effect seems to be that clay ovens are un-lightable with torches, as well as pit kilns. What is worse is that pit kilns still light on fire when a torch is used on them, but don't gain the 'lit' status and therefore just destroy the items inside.

I am not sure if this is a mod conflict, but from my testing it happened regardless, as long as this fix was activated. Downloader beware.

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