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Author: Zolgrim
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Created: Nov 16th at 10:48 PM
Last modified: 5 days ago
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Latest file for v1.18.15:
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This mod adds new variants of swords as well as other weapons.

Currently adds the following items :

Arming Swords : Tin Bronze / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • A more expensive and elegant option compared to the falx, offers slightly higher durability and attack power.

Bearded Axes : Bismuth Bronze / Tin Bronze / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • +1 Tier and confers higher damage than the standard axe, as well as having higher durability, however chops wood slower.

Bec de corbin : Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Polearm, Mediocre durability, 3m range, Mid-High damage

Gladius : Iron


Hafts : Copper / Tin+Bismuth+Black Bronzes / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Use different metal hafts to increase (or decrease) the amount of durability a weapon or tool has! (WIP)
  • Currently only usable with : Pernachs

Nadziak : Tin+Bismuth+Black Bronze/Iron/Meteoric/Steel

  • A warpick that can be used as a propick
  • Has +2 tier but confers lower damage and range compared to other options.
  • Has better durability than the standard propick at a slightly increased cost and slower mining speed.

Pernach : Lead / Copper / Tin+Bismuth+Black Bronzes / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • A mace with high durability and +1 tier, mediocre damage output.
  • Note : These will be reworked in a future version, likely the next
  • Known Issue : Currently The three bronzes have issues with being crafted with certain hafts, this too will be fixed and coincides with the rework.
  • Lead offers a very low tier and durability but confers a very high damage option.

Seax : A large knife meant for self-defense and utility : Copper / Tin & Bismuth / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Costs a (smithed) Ingot , stick & twine
  • Shorter range than the shortsword, lower damage than the shortsword, cheaper
  • Can be used to butcher and gather cattail roots and grass.

Shortswords : Copper / Tin & Bismuth Bronze / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Costs a (smithed) Ingot, Stick, Leather
  • Can be used to butcher but unable to be used for crafting recipes as it's too unwieldy.
  • (Tries to) Follows a "scale" using the blackguard shortsword as the baseline compared to falxes.

Spatha : Steel


Stiletto : Copper / Tin / Bismuth / Black / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • A small flimsy specialized dagger, it's got low durability, fairly low damage but very high tier; meaning it's excellent at penetrating the weakspots in armour! (Need feedback , it's supposed to be a high risk/high reward for PVP scenarios.)

Warscythe : Copper / Tin / Bismuth / Black / Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Makeshift polearm made out of a farmer's tool, middling damage, terrible for pvp

Whetstone : Suevite / Sandstone / Granite

  • Used as a crafting material for the 'expensive' items
  • WIP : Used to sharpen a blade from a blank , add functionality to restore a tool's durability by a small amount, add different variants.
  • Note : Granite whetstones are without functionality ATM ,Suevite are specifically for Zweihanders and Suevite+Sandstone are for arming swords.

Zweihander : Iron / Meteoric / Steel

  • Costs two smithed ingots , stick , "whetstone" , two leather
  • Long range,-1 tier but High damage, low durability

To Do :

  1. Add a greater purpose for the whetstones with differing blade variants : Blunt, Dull, Sharpened & Honed , Each variant confering a lower or greater damage. (Ongoing process)
  2. Spear / Polearms : Ranseur, Halberd ,Boar Spear, Guisarme, Partisan, Goedendag
  3. Swords : Gladius (Copper/Bronze only)+Spatha , Sabre, Macuahuitl (serves as an oar?)
  4. Knives : Baselard, Karambit (very unlikely)
  5. Ranged : Pila that can be stored in the quiver , Low damage throwable but stacks and quiverable (Alternative to just having 5 spears in your hotbar), Cross-Sling , rock shooting cbow?
  6. Lantern-shield , Low durability but has a built in lightsource
  7. Padded Cudgel : Near-Nonexistant damage for "roleplay" purposes, (Police baton)
  8. Better Models
  9. Better Animations
  10. Better textures (lol, lmao even)

Needing work and or feedback :

  1. Raise bearded axe damage? Rusty bearded is 4.5 (T6 - stainless steel equivalent?)
  2. Warscythe's damage/Range & It's model
  3. Bec de corbin's model
  4. How does the stiletto perform in PVP, it's supposed to be high risk high reward, it SHOULD confer high (comparatively) damage against even steel plate compared to most weapons.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.3 366 5 days ago Show Swordz Install now
v1.1.2 268 Dec 1st at 8:55 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.1.1 238 Nov 28th at 9:39 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.1.0 249 Nov 26th at 4:25 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.9 154 Nov 25th at 1:32 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.8 108 Nov 24th at 7:40 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.7 274 Nov 20th at 4:23 PM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.6 109 Nov 19th at 3:44 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.5 130 Nov 17th at 11:34 AM Show Swordz Install now
v1.0.4 63 Nov 16th at 10:49 PM Show Swordz Install now

40 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 beagan, 2 days ago

new arming sword model is cool

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, 5 days ago

1.1.3 has a messer, I might add a großes messer in the future. ASILiara

💬 ASILiara, 5 days ago

I'm not sure how you'd make it interesting as a weapon, but I'd be rather interested in seeing a kriegsmesser added.

💬 LazyCloud, 6 days ago

Is there anyway I can get these to work with Necessaries grindstone?

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 30th at 9:51 PM

beagan Hafts in general need some refining, the arming sword model is the vanilla one and will (probably) be replaced at some point.

💬 beagan, Nov 30th at 3:46 PM

finally got a chance to test the mod, i love it. couple of requests, some wooden hafts for the mace would also be nice and maybe some crossguards like the zwei has but for the arming sword.

also a lil nitpick, i think the arming sword model is more akin to a bastard sword in blade and handle length if you would like a better name for it but also im just a dweeb. 🤓

thanks for the awesome mod its all i wanted.

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 29th at 3:09 AM

Yes and no, It depends on a weapon to weapon basis. Overall I'm trying to balance things with vanilla in mind so Xskills compatability (or balancing) is really not high on my priority list at the current moment and some weapons such as the Zwei would likely be hilariously overpowered as a blackguard with Xskill's extra sword damage (The Zwei is in fact Xskills compatible). Tetsune

💬 Tetsune, Nov 28th at 6:01 PM

Does this have compatibility with XSkills?

💬 Quartal, Nov 28th at 12:05 AM

Okay, thanks for reply.

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 27th at 11:47 PM

Quartal It's due to how the mod/game is set up currently, it's on the list to fix eventually, for now I'm keeping it as is.

💬 Quartal, Nov 27th at 11:19 PM

Shortsword as well as bearded axes don't have a weapon animation like arming sword for example, which makes them attack really fast Zolgrim

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 27th at 2:21 AM

Fynneberg fixed in next update
Quartal not quite sure what you're asking here, do you mean first person?

💬 Quartal, Nov 26th at 9:31 PM

Is there any way i could make shortswords etc. have a weapon animation or is it strictly bound to them being tools too?

💬 Fynneberg, Nov 26th at 12:59 PM

There's a small problem with the bec de corbin crafting recipe, instead of the actual bec de corbin it just gives you back the bec de corbin head while consuming the other crafting materials. Great mod otheriwse!

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 26th at 6:47 AM

This is incredible. Everything I have dreamed of in this game. Can't wait to see how it evolves and grows!

💬 TwoF, Nov 25th at 6:45 AM

Good job. Of course, it is necessary to carry out work to the level of a perfectionist, but I think that the mod is worthy. I haven’t played with weapon mods yet, but next time (in half a year, when 1.19, patches and mods come out) I think I’ll try it. And while FSM mods are being developed to expand long-range weapons, I see you are working on melee weapons. Do you want to expand what the spear counterpart will be in future updates? Good idea. I really hope that the work will continue in the same direction and that you will be proud of your creation.

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 25th at 1:33 AM

Bobosaw fixed.

Zach2039 was disabled as there wasn't any recipe calling for it yet, should have the conflict with polished slabs fixed though, let me know.

💬 Zach2039, Nov 24th at 11:35 PM

There might be recipe conflicts with polished rock slabs and whetstones. Also, the granite whetstone isn't craftable.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 24th at 2:05 PM

Hi again. After some testing it seems like the only item that is crashing the game when you look in the H guidebook is the rawhide mantle. As soon as you click it it crashes the game. Hopefully this helps.


💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 24th at 6:04 AM

ASILiara Took it out , I'll put it back in, in the next update.

💬 ASILiara, Nov 23rd at 9:30 AM

My game seems not to have registered the existence of the meteoric iron shortsword. Real shame, because I was hoping to put one together.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 21st at 2:19 AM

I have a suspicion that it isn't actually your mod that is the problem. Still more testing to do though



💬 RuneScholar, Nov 20th at 5:01 PM

I doubt Tyron will be adding stainless steel. Stainless steel is a modern convention and it is usually less durable than just carbon steel. Stainless is an alloy using chromium and in my experience with blades, it’s usually not as durable.


💬 RuneScholar, Nov 20th at 4:54 PM

This is a really great mod.

💬 THL, Nov 20th at 2:41 PM

"Better textures (lol, lmao even)" 😂

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 20th at 1:59 PM

Bobosaw I'm still using 1.18.15 and won't migrate over to 1.19 for a good while yet, hadn't known it was crashing but I did notice a few hours post-1.0.6 that there was a few goofs that I have now resolved for 1.0.7 , these should (hopefully) fix any sort of issues there. I'm going to postpone 1.0.7 as I want to add atleast 1 more weapon on the todo list before publishing.
Edit : 1.0.7 has been released, let me know if issues persist.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 19th at 3:23 PM

Probably not a problem, but I am playing in 1.19.0 rn and whenever I look up recipes that use the seax I CTD. Might be another mod though, will test more. Honestly I love this mod already. Can't wait for more content!

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 19th at 3:51 AM

ASILiara Drifers are Tier 0, so higher tier doesn't equate to more damage on them, the only thing it currently affects (AFAIK) is PVP.
As far as damage values are concerned, I'm taking critiques, I'm trying to keep things fair/balanced but that might not always be possible. (E.G. The ruined bearded axe is 4.5 damage but my steel one is 4.0 , I'm under the assumption that whenever Tyron adds stainless steel, following the usual values that the metal progressions have had, the Stainless steel will be that 4.5 damage)
But on note of the shortsword, I was using the Blackguard shortsword as a baseline, The durability of the blackguard shortsword is +1 tier (meteoric) while being +2 tiers on damage (steel) despite being made of iron, The tradeoff to the shortsword is it has half a meter less range (so more likely to be hit) but it's also more expensive (currently 1 leather, might add a whetstone requirement).

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 19th at 3:42 AM

Bobosaw Check newest update, LMK.

💬 ASILiara, Nov 19th at 3:22 AM

Couldn't help but notice that the shortsword is just more powerful than the falx, since it has more attack power and lets you butcher. Given that falxes are supposed to be specifically anti-drifter weapons, maybe shortswords and seaxes should have a lower damage tier to reflect that? I don't know if drifters have protection tiers at any level, is the thing.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 19th at 2:51 AM

That's valid tbh. Hats off to you King

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 18th at 10:44 PM

Bobosaw Laziness, I make no promises but I might fix it in the next update or two.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 18th at 6:22 PM

Is there a reason why knife crafting recipes can't be used with seax? Not complaining too much, I just want a replacement for the ugly ass knives. 

💬 beagan, Nov 18th at 3:51 AM

goes hard

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 17th at 11:33 AM

beagan Done.

💬 ASILiara, Nov 17th at 5:26 AM

Zweihander, you say 👀

💬 beagan, Nov 17th at 4:15 AM

please sir may i have some longsword

💬 ZolgrimAuthor, Nov 17th at 2:16 AM

Bobosaw Grass & Cattails yes, recipes that call for a "knife" , no.

💬 Bobosaw, Nov 17th at 1:35 AM

Do the seax's and short swords work like knives do with cattails and grass? Or do they only work to butcher? Will they also work in crafting recipes that use knives?

💬 Annastasija, Nov 17th at 12:36 AM

I love it, good job.

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