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Author: Lastelle
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Created: Oct 15th at 5:17 PM
Last modified: Dec 1st at 6:15 PM
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Latest file for v1.18.15: 1-click install

Sabre au Clair allows players to hire mercenaries to help them in their adventures or defend their territory.


  • Hire mercenaries by paying them with rusty gears
  • Equip them with any armors and weapons
  • Draw you sword and Lead your band into assault
  • Organize your company with formations
  • Watch battles setting up between different band of mercenaries
  • Defend your home from hostile gangs


  • You cannot hire more than 16 mercenaries at the same time by default
  • Mercenaries won't attack their commander or any player that share a group with them
  • Mercenaries will find a suitable place to sleep (a bed or a lit fireplace) in order to heal.
  • By default you will need to smith an officer sabre to lead your troops
  • View range is based on light level (sun and artificial lights)
  • Only currently supported range weapon are bows and slings
  • Mercenaries follow the law of the strongest. They will only accept being hired by player stronger than they are
  • Masterless mercenaries will pillage your farms and kill nearby animals


  • (hold) <officer sabre> + <right click> is used to lead your company in formation
  • (hold) <officer sabre> + <right click> + <sprint key> is used to lead your company in an attack


  • <right click> + <officer sabre> is used to add or remove a mercenary from formation
  • <right click> + <sprint key> is used to switch between "aggressive" and "defensive" stance.


  • <right click> with an item is used to give an item into the active item slot or into the armor slot
  • <right click> + <sneak key> with empty hands is used to drop every items
  • <right click> + <sneak key> + <sprint key> with an item is used to give an item into the off hand item slot

Mod config


  • MercenaryDailyWage:         integer   = 1
  • CompanyCapacity:            integer   = 16
  • LineCompanyRowRatio:        float     = 0.25
  • CommanderToolCodes:         string[]  = []
  • UseAnyBladeAsCommanderTool: bool      = false
  • IgnoreRuinedCommanderTool:  bool      = true
  • IgnoreAdminCommanderTool:   bool      = true

To do

  • Make hostile mercenaries set fire to player buildings
  • Make mercenaries travel around the world
  • Make mercenaries spawn in camps rather than in the wild
  • Implement long term troops in addition to mercenaries
  • Shield wall, pike wall formations
  • Add compatibility with Maltiez Firearms
  • Allow mercenaries to use Rusty Shell artillery
  • Allow mercenaries to use Feverstone's Horses

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.14 116 Dec 1st at 6:15 PM Show Install now
v0.0.13 108 Nov 27th at 5:17 PM Show Install now
v0.0.12 21 Nov 27th at 8:14 AM Show Install now
v0.0.11 45 Nov 25th at 4:33 PM Show Install now
v0.0.10 186 Nov 17th at 5:32 PM Show Install now
v0.0.9 38 Nov 16th at 8:39 PM Show Install now
v0.0.8 198 Nov 10th at 9:32 PM Show Install now
v0.0.7 112 Nov 8th at 8:45 PM Show Install now
v0.0.6 109 Nov 4th at 9:03 PM Show Install now
v0.0.5 271 Oct 25th at 5:08 PM Show Install now
v0.0.4 118 Oct 22nd at 9:23 PM Show Install now
v0.0.3 150 Oct 18th at 6:20 PM Show Install now
v0.0.2 112 Oct 16th at 8:56 PM Show Install now
v0.0.1 95 Oct 15th at 8:47 PM Show Install now

27 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 LastelleAuthor, 1 day ago


That should'nt be hard to implement. I'm taking a break from modding to get back into gamedev so I'll add that when I have some spare time. Thanks for the suggestion!

💬 Vronizos, 2 days ago

Will it be possible to set another custom item in the config as payment for mercenaries? And the configuration of the time for which the payment lasts

💬 DoodleGarbage, Nov 27th at 2:34 AM


Glad I was able to help you solve this issue!

💬 LastelleAuthor, Nov 26th at 4:35 PM

DoodleGarbage Annastasija

This is fixed in 0.0.11, thanks for reporting the error origin I thought checking if Rusty Shell was enabled would be enough but now I know I have to implement an API if I want optional compatibility instead of relying on optional dependency

💬 DoodleGarbage, Nov 26th at 6:49 AM

For anyone who also noticed that this mod is preventing them from picking up items: This happens when this mod is loaded without rusty shell. The server gets spammed with errors which breaks item behavior. The checks that mercenaries make to find and use Rusty Shell weapons aren't caught when Rusty Shell isn't loaded, resulting in errors that break the internal server.

Installing rusty shell and enabling it will fix the issue.

💬 Annastasija, Nov 24th at 9:14 AM

I am unsure how to get the logs if the game doesn't crash, can you walk me through it. And it's probably another mod not playing nice together but I am not sure what it would be

💬 Ahrondus, Nov 20th at 7:02 PM

Hello! Will the source code ever come available for this beautiful work?  I'd love to take a look at some of your implementations for future work!

💬 LastelleAuthor, Nov 19th at 4:46 PM


Could you send the logs? This never happened to me, even in multiplayer

💬 Annastasija, Nov 19th at 4:23 AM

Not sure why but this mod makes items dropped on the ground stay there for every even when picked up, the model just sits there and bounces

💬 Obadiah_Poundage, Nov 18th at 3:29 PM

Very cool idea. I especially like the raid mechanics and battle. 

💬 LastelleAuthor, Nov 17th at 8:37 AM


Mercenaries will hunt animals and attack drifters as well as other aggressive entities, even when not hired

💬 LastelleAuthor, Nov 17th at 8:35 AM

Argon_Zeltas currently you need to make the mod confile file yourself (SabreAuClairModConfig.json) inside ModConfig, then add your modifications inside of it
    "CompanyCapacity": 100,
    "IgnoreAdminCommanderTool": false

💬 Argon_Zeltas, Nov 16th at 9:46 PM

Hello! Cool mod! But for some reason I can't find the mod's configuration file. Any ideas why this might be? I looked everywhere. Both in the game itself and in the data folder. Moreover, I downloaded version 1.18.14 as a mod, and then version 1.18.15. As a result, in both options the config did not appear. By the way, is it possible to make mercenaries appear with virtually no equipment? This negatively impacts initial progress when enemy mercenaries drop their equipment despite it being in a nearly broken state.

💬 badday, Nov 12th at 8:48 AM

Hi Lastelle,  , mercenaries can defend us against agressive animals and drifters  ?

and wild mercenaries defend themselves against them ?

💬 LastelleAuthor, Oct 25th at 5:05 PM


If everything is working as intended, you might not have added the mercenary to your formation (right click them with the estoc in hand). Then they will only follow you (or attack) in group as long as you hold right click with it.

About bows, they currently won't run away when they're too close so they will sometime use bow as a melee weapon unfortunately

💬 Amarillo, Oct 25th at 10:09 AM

Hey thanks for a cool mod!! I was testing it and it seems that the Forlom hope estoc doesnt do anything when trying to command hired mercenaries and mercenaries with bows does not do ranged attacks, they use the bow as melee is that normal or a bug?

💬 LastelleAuthor, Oct 19th at 6:52 AM


Management hints only appear ove hired mercenaries. If nothing appears then that means that they are hostile ones that cannot be hired and therefore that you did'nt hire. If you did hire them and yet nothing appears for unknown reasons then:
<right click> is used to switch between "follow me" and "hold the position" mode
<sprint key> + <right click> is used to switch between "aggressive" and "defensive" stance.
<sneak key> + <right click> with empty hands is used to drop every items
<sneak key> + <right click> with an item is used to give an item into the active item slot or into the armor slot
<sneak key> + <sprint key> + <right click> with an item is used to give an item into the off hand item slot

💬 DeanBro, Oct 18th at 7:12 PM

how to manage mercenaries? I didn't find any hint

💬 Telemachus, Oct 17th at 1:38 PM


Thanks for the reply. I look forward to what you do with this. 

💬 TimSithis, Oct 17th at 10:52 AM

I'm not surer if that's a me problem but Somehow there is no Note to change for thePrice of the Mercenary in the confis. As there is non for me at least on my private server. And online server.

Edit. I am stupid but it's not inf Mod config Folder but in the mod.

💬 LastelleAuthor, Oct 17th at 6:29 AM


They currently spawn in the wild but in the future they should spawn in small camps or at least interact with the world

💬 Telemachus, Oct 17th at 12:06 AM

This sounds really interesting. I'm curious: do the merc's just randomly spawn in a little group anywhere in the world? Similar to any other mob? 

To me it seems very offputting to be trekking through the woods and to randomly encounter a group of mercs just chillin' there. I'm wondering if there could be some kid of compatibility patch written for the VSVillage mod, so that they only spawn in/around towns. In tandem, perhaps the bad guy merc's (bandits?) could have little bandit camp structures that generate, and they could spawn in/around those?

Regardless of any that; I'm very interested to see what you do with this mod. Fine work!

💬 LastelleAuthor, Oct 16th at 9:07 PM


Hostile mercenaries now charge as intended and won't wait the last moment to do so, and you can't loot them alive anymore

I have no issue with not being able to hire them. Half of mercenaries spawn hostile so you probably weren't lucky

💬 T_R_O_L_E, Oct 16th at 12:13 PM

@ Lastelle Thank you for such a quick response
Only the name of the mercenaries changed, but there were no hints and the gears were not picked up
Now the problem is what to do with such a large amount of armor that cannot be sorted out...
Good luck in your work

💬 LastelleAuthor, Oct 16th at 11:43 AM

Hello T_R_O_L_E

1. They cost by default 1 rusty gear per day (you have to manually pay them)

2. Those who are okay being hired display a special action bubble over them indicating their rate (so 1 by default)

3. If you mean group by gang, yes, they should stay with their group and not attack one to another

4. This is an issue I need to fix. I currently modified some parts of the seeking ai but currently only those having range weapons will attack by themselves, otherwise they will be passive until they get in combat stance (getting hurt)

5. Bodies rot and turn into medium sized carcasses after some days. When they are still corpses, you can loot them by sneaking and right-clicking

6. Orders are given to hired mercenaries (you will see action bubbles over them indicating which keys are needed to be pressed)

7. No, they can sleep anywhere

I'm a bit busy since I just started work, but I will try to fix all the small issues that were forgotten or created in my hurry. Thank you very much for your feedback and questions!

💬 T_R_O_L_E, Oct 16th at 11:25 AM

This is a very interesting mod but I have a lot of questions
1. How much do mercenaries cost and for what period?
2. How to hire them? (I met not far from a spawn squad, but they beat me when I got close to them. They didn't care about my gears (11).) But at the same time, I was able to remove all the equipment from one of them without problems...)
3. Do you plan to add enemy gangs as well, or are they already there?
4. I have Sam's humanoid creatures installed and they are not recognized as enemies, but when one of the mercenaries caught a savage, he cut down the entire squad in blackguard armor...
5. How to get rid of bodies? Will they disappear over time or is it possible to add their loot with a knife?
6. How to give orders?
7. Do they need additional sleeping places in the house?
Thank you)


💬 Ryker, Oct 15th at 10:37 PM

Perhaps also intergrating support for VS Villages and Better Trader Camps could be cool, seeing how it'd be otherwise odd seeing them not interact with elements of "civilization."

(edit comment delete)