Mods / Farmland Drops Soil

Author: copygirl
Side: Server
Created: Feb 16th
Last modified: Feb 16th
Downloads: 90

Allows farmland to drop their respective soil type when broken.
No more losing your precious Terra Preta when you decide to move!

If the nutrients of the farmland are less than their maximum, there is a chance you do not get back anything. For example if the nutrients of a Terra Preta farmland (80 nutrients max) has N=80, P=60, K=40, it will pick the lowest of them all and devide it by the maximum. 40 devided by 80 is 0.5, so the chance to get the soil back in this case would be 50%.

Always wait for the nutrients to fully recover before you pick up your precious farmland!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Download
v1.2.0 90 Feb 16th


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