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Category: #Cosmetics #Graphics #Utility
Author: Flo_12344
Side: Client
Created: Sep 18th at 10:01 AM
Last modified: 8 hours ago
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x: 1-click install

Custom triangle based Line/Outline renderer that you can customize as you want by pressing Ctrl + O ^^

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.2.8 5 8 hours ago Show Install now
v1.2.7 3 9 hours ago Show Install now
v1.2.6 90 Sep 21st at 12:55 PM Show Install now
v1.2.5 20 Sep 21st at 8:04 AM Show Install now
v1.2.1 40 Sep 19th at 6:44 PM Show Install now
v1.2.0 42 Sep 18th at 9:35 PM Show Install now
v1.1.0 22 Sep 18th at 3:47 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 32 Sep 18th at 10:14 AM Show Better Install now

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💬 Wandour, 6 hours ago

seems like the mod is working smoothly now!

💬 Flo_12344, 7 hours ago

Wandour the original outline not showing was because I was disabling it on world loading so that it wasn't visually conflicting with the other outline (I removed that because I realized it wasn't needed anymore) so on crash it wasn't reenabled but when exiting a world and removing the mod it was good in my tests but I still don't understand why you were crashing but at least now the mod does'nt remove the original outline (and reenable it if updating the mod)

💬 Wandour, 8 hours ago

Flo_12344 same issue happened but I wanted to add one more point, it seems like my outlines no longer exist after removing the mod when the crash happened

I have a theory, maybe since my outlines disappeared suddenly the mod is crashing because of that?  

I do not know why my outlines no longer shows but Im just connecting the timeline of events

which might make sense since im the only one crashing here
and everyone seems fine
i believe because my game base block outline vanished suddenly I can no longer use the mod ether cuz there are no outlines
i don't know how that happened or how to fix it
i tried reinstalling the game and no luck

Update : I completely removed the game from my PC this time including the roaming data
and It seems my suspicion might be correct
Indeed when the outlines disappeared the crashing begins
now when the outlines are back because i frelshy installed the game again
it's working normal

I'm not sure if a side effect of this mod might cause the outline to vanish from the base game but it might be a good idea to dig into that to avoid other players forced to delete all their data and saved keybind to get back the outlines

💬 Flo_12344, 9 hours ago

Wandour Tried something let me know if it's fixed but not sure if it will work because I'm not able to reproduce the crash

💬 Wandour, 10 hours ago

Flo_12344 instant crash when i look at a block so i cant really see other blocks but the block i looked at is a pine plank (i have a source up mod for re texture so idk if that matters)

💬 Flo_12344, 20 hours ago

Wandour Is it with all blocks or with a specific one and if yes witch one is it ? ^^

💬 Wandour, 1 day ago

nooo the mod suddenly started crashing when i look at a block today
I tried it in single player with no mods on


Running on 64 bit Windows with 32722 MB RAM
Game Version: v1.18.13 (Stable)
10/2/2023 11:35:21 AM: Critical error occurred in the following mod: betteroutline@1.2.6
Loaded Mods: game@1.18.13, betteroutline@1.2.6, creative@1.18.13, survival@1.18.13
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ShaderProgramBase.Uniform(String uniformName, Vec4f value) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ShaderProgramBase.cs:line 186
at OutlineMod.Outline.OnRenderFrame(Single deltaTime, EnumRenderStage stage) in E:\Games\Vintage.Story.v1.18.10\Nouveau dossier\OutlineMod\OutlineMod\OutlineMod\Outline.cs:line 40
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientEventManager.TriggerRenderStage(EnumRenderStage stage, Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\Util\ClientEventManager.cs:line 185
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.TriggerRenderStage(EnumRenderStage stage, Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 790
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 796
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 712
at Vintagestory.Client.GuiScreenRunningGame.RenderToPrimary(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\MainMenu\Screens\GuiScreenRunningGame.cs:line 200
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.Render(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 668
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.OnNewFrame(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 643
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(FrameEventArgs e) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\GameWindow.cs:line 77
at OpenTK.Windowing.Desktop.GameWindow.Run()
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.Start(ClientProgramArgs args, String[] rawArgs) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 313
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<.ctor>b__1() in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 129
at Vintagestory.ClientNative.CrashReporter.Start(ThreadStart start) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ClientNative\CrashReporter.cs:line 93

Event Log entries containing Vintagestory.exe, the latest 3
{ TimeGenerated = 10/2/2023 11:34:26 AM, Site = , Source = Windows Error Reporting, Message = Fault bucket 1237268411382838093, type 4
Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Vintagestory.exe
P3: 64b07659
P4: openal32.dll
P6: 63dd31ad
P7: 40000015
P8: 00000000000df046

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: dedf0da9-d389-4e1e-a14d-4aefa9244c41
Report Status: 268566528
Hashed bucket: 2245dcdc53ace9ebc12ba9109849334d
Cab Guid: 0 }
{ TimeGenerated = 10/2/2023 11:34:23 AM, Site = , Source = Application Error, Message = Faulting application name: Vintagestory.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x64b07659
Faulting module name: openal32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x63dd31ad
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x00000000000df046
Faulting process id: 0x440c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d9f50b0773a66a
Faulting application path: C:\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Vintagestory\Lib\openal32.dll
Report Id: dedf0da9-d389-4e1e-a14d-4aefa9244c41
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID: }
{ TimeGenerated = 10/2/2023 11:32:46 AM, Site = , Source = Windows Error Reporting, Message = Fault bucket 1237268411382838093, type 4
Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Vintagestory.exe
P3: 64b07659
P4: openal32.dll
P6: 63dd31ad
P7: 40000015
P8: 00000000000df046

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: c897b63c-3f90-4941-ba47-d2ae554b577a
Report Status: 268566528
Hashed bucket: 2245dcdc53ace9ebc12ba9109849334d
Cab Guid: 0 }

💬 Ryuu, Sep 23rd at 2:34 AM

oh so simulated RGB, nice!

💬 Flo_12344, Sep 22nd at 6:43 PM

Ryuu Gamer mode need rainbow on and does a moving rainbow outline 

💬 Ryuu, Sep 22nd at 4:32 AM

What does Gamer Mode do?

💬 Yanazake, Sep 21st at 1:06 PM

It's beautiful <3 I can finally see the dang outlines <3 Works even on the server too!

Thanks a LOT for fixing it!

💬 Flo_12344, Sep 21st at 12:56 PM

So this time it should be good xD Yanazake

💬 Flo_12344, Sep 21st at 11:40 AM

I'm gonna look at the client part (Gamer mode need rainbow and does a moving rainbow outline)

💬 Yanazake, Sep 21st at 11:08 AM

Ok it works! But only offline. I'm gonna try adding the config and then the mod to my server.
Edit: Yeah, as of now, it doesn't seem to be only client-sided. I can't even open the config window on my server.

Btw, what does gamer mode do?

💬 Flo_12344, Sep 21st at 8:05 AM

Yanazake Should finaly be fixed with 1.2.5 ^^

💬 Yanazake, Sep 19th at 9:58 PM

I'm trying this and while I can see the outline options window, I can't see ANY outline after installing this. Not even the vanilla one! I'm on Linux if that makes any difference.

💬 Aspendosia, Sep 19th at 7:01 AM

Flo_12344 ah, didn't know it had been updated (still getting used to modding VS and how mods don't auto update) but that's fixed it. Cool because colour choice helps a lot when you struggle with 'em. Cheers.

💬 Mendall, Sep 18th at 10:04 PM

aaaa that pic makes it a lot more understandable. If this works for the voxels during chiseling, allowing me to set a color that shows against both light and dark blocks alike, this is great

but It's for .18.10 sadly I'm still running 18.7

💬 Flo_12344, Sep 18th at 9:47 PM

Aspendosia This should have been fixed with 1.1.0, retried it with 1.2.0 and no issue with it, so you might need to try with the newer versions ^^ 

💬 DanaCraluminum, Sep 18th at 9:14 PM


"a line or set of lines enclosing or indicating the shape of an object in a sketch or diagram."

it is used for block selection, without it you can't see what block you selected

💬 Mendall, Sep 18th at 8:56 PM

I'm not getting the point of this, what is it outlining and why

💬 Aspendosia, Sep 18th at 7:46 PM

I'm finding the same as DanaCraluminum, with this mod enabled knapping and smithing are impossible, I just can't see what to hit/knap and what not to. I've tried changing the colours, alpha, width, but just can't make it work. Don't know if it's a basegame issue but for now, sadly, I have to disable so I can play.

💬 Nimlet, Sep 18th at 6:29 PM

Is there any way to change the shortcut key? as this is already affiliated with another I have. Cheers

💬 Junrall, Sep 18th at 2:14 PM

 An absolutely needed feature... well implemented... nicely done!

💬 Yanazake, Sep 18th at 11:59 AM


💬 Phuta, Sep 18th at 11:30 AM

Could you add some comparison images?

💬 Rythillian, Sep 18th at 10:53 AM

Pretty neat! If you haven't already I suggest checking out the bug bounty the devs have for this issue!

💬 DanaCraluminum, Sep 18th at 10:52 AM

Smithing, clayforming and knapping are impossible

(edit comment delete)