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Category: #Crafting
Author: crupette
Side: Both
Created: Jul 3rd
Last modified: Jul 3rd
Downloads: 95

The Little Things

A complete lie from the get-go. This mod adds new features that fit in with the systems already developed in the game.

Current Features

Chopping block

  • Hold right click with an axe on a placed log to convert it to a chopping block
  • Place ingredients (logs, slabs, etc) on the block using right click.
  • Chop them up by "breaking" the chopping block with an axe.
  • One log -> Two log slabs -> 6 firewood. (2 firewood profit)

Technical details:

  • Fully customizable JSON-based recipes. Located in recipes/choppingblock
  • Wood type based chopping blocks dependent on the log from which the chopping block is created.
  • Placed items render on top of the block.


Building blocks

  • Log slabs - chop a log at the chopping block to get two.
  • Chopping block - Because it renders whatever it has on top of it, they can be used to create interesting pillars.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.1 67 Jul 3rd Show
v0.1.0 28 Jul 3rd Show


Fhallion, Jul 10th

I've try everything, crouch not crouch, each type of chopping log but I can't place anything on top of it. plz tell me you working on it I love the idea so much

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