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Author: NiclAss
Side: Server
Created: Aug 30th 2023 at 3:42 PM
Last modified: Feb 9th at 4:00 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

Requested by @HumanBean ty

Removes trader structures from worldgen and finds new ways to get the map for the resonance archive.
- Adds the map for the resonance archives to the ruin and doubleheaded lootpool.

Let me know it there are specific stuff from traders that will be missing without them, maybe we can find a good way to get them.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.2 151 Feb 9th at 4:00 PM Show Install now
v0.0.1 171 Aug 30th 2023 at 3:52 PM Show Install now

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💬 MrTango, Jun 11th at 5:06 PM

Am a bit hesitant on better ruins, is it compatible with toolworks? And are the large ruins rare/balanced on treasure, and is there configs to control rarity/disable?

*Would it not make sense to make the blueprint function a seperate mod?

💬 NiclAssAuthor, Jun 11th at 5:33 AM


BetterRuins adds blueprints that you can find around the world in structures which then allows you to craft sleek doors

💬 MrTango, Jun 10th at 6:16 PM

I cant find any mod that adds a recipe for crafting sleek doors :(

💬 MrTango, May 4th at 4:40 PM

Does this work with A Culinary Artillery's Cookware trader?

*edit, not seen one so far. :)

💬 MrTango, Feb 10th at 1:05 PM


💬 NiclAssAuthor, Feb 9th at 4:00 PM


Updated to 1.19

💬 NiclAssAuthor, Feb 9th at 3:40 PM


Will need an update

💬 MrTango, Feb 9th at 3:31 PM

 Still working ok on 1.19.x?

💬 DandyDan, Sep 4th 2023 at 8:03 PM

I like this because it makes no sense to me how the traders are able to get their carts around to these locations. Seems petty but it is one of those things that brings me out of the immersion. I think devs should change the carts to huts or just make the traders a travelling mob that moves across the local map before despawning.

Thanks for this

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