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Category: #Cosmetics #Food #Texture Pack #Tweak
Author: Brun
Side: Client
Created: Aug 27th at 11:50 PM
Last modified: Sep 2nd at 3:49 PM
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I was bewildered when I first grew pumpkins as I witnessed a solid cube with pixels painted upon it. I asked myself why? 

Why do all the other crops have such a broader volume to their shapes and the pumpkins are left to rot?

Well fear not because I was inspired to take matters into my own hands and create the plumpest of pumkins the world has ever seen! 

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v1.0.1 602 Sep 2nd at 3:49 PM Show Install now
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💬 Brun, Sep 18th at 7:41 PM


No they cannot. If you do attempt to chisel one it will turn into the default pumpkin cube.

💬 Yanazake, Sep 18th at 12:12 PM

Ok, but can they be chizelled?

💬 Brun, Sep 3rd at 1:57 AM


Interesting idea. It sounds like it could be a nice challenge especially to see if I can make it compatible with other tree mods such as Wildcraft Trees and In Dappled Groves. No problem! I'm glad you enjoy them!

💬 Junrall, Sep 2nd at 4:23 PM


Haha, I haven't gotten too far with farming to know what is available for crops. Perhaps round tree trunks and logs? This isn't a crop per se and probably should be a seperate mod. There is another mod for round trees but it is sorely outdated and generates massive errors.

Anyways, thanks for the response and thank you for the pumpkins and bees!

💬 DanaCraluminum, Sep 2nd at 3:22 PM

Mod is not client side, modinfo doesn't have any `side: "Client" text

💬 Brun, Sep 2nd at 3:18 PM


I'm not sure what I would do besides pumpkins. All of the other crops I've come across have a really nice blocky style to them but who knows maybe I'll do a remodel of all the crops some day.

💬 Brun, Sep 2nd at 3:14 PM


Thank you!

💬 Brun, Sep 2nd at 3:13 PM


Thanks for the kind words! I wish you luck on your gardening!

💬 Brun, Sep 2nd at 3:12 PM


You're welcome!

💬 Brun, Sep 2nd at 3:11 PM


I recently tested chiseling and oddly enough it turns the pumpkins back into their vanilla model as a chisled block. The mod only changes the way pumpkins look while growing on vines and as a plant. It should have no effect on pumpkins that were chiseled before adding this mod. Hope that helps!

💬 ryna, Sep 2nd at 1:52 PM

can they still be chiseled like the vanilla pumpkins? and what happens to pre-existing chiseled cube-pumpkins after you add this mod

💬 shnabbles, Aug 31st at 5:25 AM

Gorgeous! Thank you.

💬 WordyDird, Aug 28th at 2:29 PM

Love the look! I haven't grown pumpkins yet, so this is very much a "I didn't know I needed it" thing lmao but I'm excited to see how pretty my garden'll look!

💬 Scarady, Aug 28th at 9:19 AM

they look so beautiful! thank you 😊

💬 znatik, Aug 28th at 8:30 AM

Great. Make us happy again.

💬 Junrall, Aug 28th at 2:47 AM

Those pumpkins look great! Gives the illusion that a voxel world might be made up of more than than one voxel size. Good job on plumping them up!

I hope you do more than just pumpkins🙂👍

💬 Marlim, Aug 28th at 1:29 AM

Vintage Story is a Voxel game, the tendency is always to be square, I like square things, but I understand that there are other tastes... But I'm worried about this tendency to "chisell" objects

💬 Valcdes, Aug 28th at 12:31 AM

The hero the pumpkins needed has arrived!

💬 ATree, Aug 28th at 12:13 AM

Love it! :)

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