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Category: #QoL #Utility
Author: JapanHasRice
Side: Both
Created: Jun 7th at 6:21 AM
Last modified: Jul 19th at 6:28 AM
Downloads: 438

v1.15 compatible

Latest update: Fixed issue where the yeeter would be stuck in the "aim" animation on others' clients

Chuck your unwanted items into the stratosphere! ...or at least over the hill. YEET is a highly configurable mod that adds a new drop item command (default: Y) that hurls your items at a perfect 45 degree angle every time: throw 1, half, or an entire stack, and don't worry about that item coming back!

Supports throwing items held in the mouse cursor slot. Configurable throw velocity, satiety cost, animation, and sound volume and range.


Sample configuration file: YeetConfig.json

  "PhysicsSectionTitle": "=== Gameplay Settings ===",

  "SaturationCostPerYeetDescription": "The amount of satiety lost when yeeting. [Default: 20, Minimum: 0]",
  "SaturationCostPerYeet": 20.0,

  "YeetForceDescription": "The force of the yeet. [Default: 0.75, Minimum: 0.5, Maximum: none (but it gets crazy quickly...)]",
  "YeetForce": 0.75,

  "EnableMouseCursorItemYeetDescription": "Whether the yeet action works for items held in the mouse slot. [Default: True]",
  "EnableMouseCursorItemYeet": true,

  "AudioSectionTitle": "=== Audio Settings ===",

  "WooshVolumeDescription": "Volume of the 'woosh' noise when an item is yeeted. [Default: 10, Minimum: 1, Maximum: 20]",
  "WooshVolume": 10.0,
  "WooshAudibleRangeDescription": "Furthest distance at which the 'woosh' noise can be heard. [Default: 15, Minimum: 1, Maximum: 50]",
  "WooshAudibleRange": 15.0,
  "GruntVolumeDescription": "Volume of the player's grunting when yeeting. [Default: 15, Minimum: 1, Maximum: 25]",
  "GruntVolume": 15.0,
  "GruntAudibleRangeDescription": "Furthest distance at which the grunting of a yeeting player can be heard. [Default: 50, Minimum: 1, Maximum: 100]",
  "GruntAudibleRange": 50.0,
  "VideoSectionTitle": "=== Video Settings ===",
  "ScreenShakeIntensityDescription": "How much the screen shakes when you yeet. [Default: 0.5, Minimum: 0, Maximum: 1, Reference: throwing a spear is 0.25]",
  "ScreenShakeIntensity": 0.5

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.3 172 Jul 19th at 6:28 AM Show
v1.0.1 164 Jun 8th at 12:50 AM Show
v1.0.0 102 Jun 7th at 6:24 AM Show

7 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

JapanHasRice, Jul 19th at 6:29 AM

This has been fixed in the v1.0.3 release. Thank you!

Aledark, Jul 17th at 3:27 PM

In multiplayer once people use the Yeet the keep their arms in the air in the throwing position for their whole playtime until they relog again.

Smile, Jul 1st at 3:02 AM

Kind of the best mod ever even if I won't use it lmao

Pinkytwigosh, Jun 24th at 6:10 AM

I never realized how much I wanted this. Amazing <3

PanBanan, Jun 16th at 4:50 PM

This is the best mod ever

Ignitehawk, Jun 8th at 6:01 PM

The existence of this mod makes me unreasonably happy. Thank you.

ShadowFox141, Jun 7th at 9:11 PM


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