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Category: #Cosmetics #Crafting #Magic #Worldgen
Author: Taska
Side: Both
Created: Feb 15th at 10:55 PM
Last modified: Aug 12th at 11:50 PM
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Ore Crystals

What's that faint glow in the distance...? Is it a way out of this cave? Is it something more sinister?

No. It's strange, crystallized metal growing from this ore... Huh. Maybe those temporal storms we've been having have something to do with it?

Deep down in the depths of the world there are many temporal mysteries. A semi-sentient creature enthroned upon a structure of crystal is one such mysteries. It seems to burst with energy, enriching the local cluster of crystals with new life, causing them to rapidly grow an an unnatural rate. They even seem to have taken over the machinery of the depths, the locusts, infesting them with crystal and somehow influenced them to be their guardians.

It may be dangerous, but perhaps...these 'hearts', and these crystals... will they be useful, in some way?


It is HIGHLY recommended to install this mod on a new world. Also, I'd like to recommend installing my other mod, Item Lights, alongside this mod since Ore Crystals items extensively use that system. It's optional, though.


My Other Mods

Meteoric Expansion: Introduces streaking meteors to the Vintage Story skies. Variable danger factor.

Item Lights: Gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks.


Any donation support would be greatly appreciated~


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.4 547 Aug 12th at 11:50 PM Show
v1.3.3 Aug 9th at 10:17 PM Show
v1.3.2 217 Jul 21st at 11:44 PM Show
v1.3.1 96 Jul 19th at 4:38 PM Show
v1.3.0 89 Jul 18th at 4:54 PM Show
v1.2.2 439 Feb 15th at 11:03 PM Show

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Theisgood, Nov 7th at 8:23 PM

Can't wait for the update. I also have a question will this work with ores o plenty mod?

I am working on getting every ore cystal captured and show casing the screen shots for you.

Taska, Sep 13th at 11:16 PM


It should still work with 1.15.5 without a hitch. 1.15.5 was rather minor and doesn't seem to affect things related to the mod. I just haven't tested it thoroughly myself with Ore Crystals.

Sandian, Sep 12th at 2:51 AM

Please update for 1.15.5!

Taska, Mar 2nd at 6:57 AM

@Theisgood I'd love that! If you do take some screens, feel free to post them on the forum or send me a message in Discord ^.^

Theisgood, Feb 28th at 3:21 AM

If I find some ores and take some 1080p screenshots do you mind if I send them to you to use for the mods screenshots? I will only send high quality pictures. Just to show off the various crystals you created in your mod. 

Let me know mods like this make me smile and make my experience so much better.

Taska, Feb 20th at 9:25 PM

@Theisgood You can but crystals will only appear in newly generated chunks

Theisgood, Feb 19th at 10:25 PM

So I can not install unless I generate a new world? I just assuming that. Darn I should have downloaded before I got so far into the game lol

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