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Category: #Creatures
Author: ZigTheHedge
Side: Both
Created: Feb 15th
Last modified: Mar 5th
Downloads: 356

Be prepared to meet your new neighbours from parallel plane, but don't expect the warm welcome. Why are these strange beings here for? Are they eager to capture the land? Or maybe they are just lost? The one thing that is known - they are vile and tough. So, be very careful when dealing with your new neighbours.

The mod adds five fantasy entities to make your survival harder and more interesting.
Use the file TheNeighboursConfig.json in your VintagestoryData/ModConfig folder to disable monsters which are too scary for your gameplay. File generates automatically after the first game run.

Tall slow bipedal with huge horn-like outgrowths. It seems that he has no eyes, but he doesn't need it to catch its prey.


Height: 3.2

Width: 1.2

Health points: 40

Attack Strength: 12

Attack Tier: 3

Small sharp-tailed insect with a pair of cute eyes which are glows in the dark. The fastest creature of them all and the most dangerous. Can kill you on sight, or run away from you if it feel danger.


Height: 0.7

Width: 1.8

Health points: 40

Attack Strength: 8

Attack Tier: 3

This cold-blooded reptile isn't aggressive. Of course, if left alone. Otherwise, you can check a sharpness of its teeth.


Height: 0.5

Width: 1.6

Health points: 30

Attack Strength: 6

Attack Tier: 2

This one looks like usual Turtle. And it prefers to stay in water all the time. Doesn't like to be chased, so, it's kinda challenge to catch one if you urgently want to eat something unusual.


Height: 0.4

Width: 0.8

Health points: 30

This mushroom glows in a darkness, emitting blueish particles and making strange sounds. Effects beside this is currently unknown.


The only being, which appear with its family. Ampel females are larger than males and more aggressive. Children however are calm and friendly most of time as long as you're leaving them alone. Ampels are natural enemies to wolves, so if you're lucky enough, you can watch that deadly battle and stay alive... before winner decide to pursue his next victim.  

Parameters (male/female/child):

Height: 1.3/1.5/0.9

Width: 0.9/1.0/0.6

Health points: 40/50/20

That's it for now. Keep your eyes open not to miss any updates on this! And I didn't reveal all the secrets ;)


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.4.8 281 Mar 5th Show
v0.4.5-B 75 Feb 15th Show


SunsetMoth, May 2nd

Congratulations on having a very NICE mod number in the database.

Juliusvanvern, Apr 30th

To learn more about this Mod, check my Video: 


Quixjote, Mar 30th

One thing I have noticed is an interaction between neighbors and cob_bandits. The bandits will attack tickings and Shintorickae, but not the other way around. Seems a little one sided. I know bandits isn't being updated anymore, but would it be difficult to make it so the neighbors that would target players, also target bandits?

ZigTheHedge, Feb 21st

@Theisgood it depends of a creature. But overall spawn conditions are wolf-like. And, CrAl got the point :D

Craluminum, Feb 19th

@Theisgood anywhere, usually "five blocks" away from you, but really very close

Theisgood, Feb 19th

So where is all these creatures spawn? :) Really amazing models.

Craluminum, Feb 16th

Someone embodies their nightmares... One of them blow their nose cutely :)

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