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Category: #Cosmetics
Author: Deviator
Side: Both
Created: May 22nd at 2:21 PM
Last modified: Aug 9th at 9:20 PM
Downloads: 412

BetterLogs adds new log variants for building... log blocks, slabs, corners, etc.

There are now 2 versions of this mod. One with normal treegen and one with round-log treegen. Warning, the round-log treegen version can get a bit laggy in heavily forested areas, especially on slower systems. ONLY USE ONE VERSION!

  • Updated for the new tree variants.
  • You can now put log blocks in the crafting grid to swap between cube or round variants.



Start by making a Log Splitter with flint. Now make some Daub with sand, grass, and clay.

In the crafting grid, use the Log Splitter above a normal log to split it into 4 Better Logs. Now you can use the Better Logs and Daub to make the different Better Log variants.





Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.0 136 Aug 9th at 9:20 PM Show
v1.0.0 59 Aug 9th at 9:04 PM Show
v0.1.0 217 May 22nd at 2:23 PM Show

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Ravenrune, May 24th at 5:24 PM

It's cool that you're working on it.

Deviator, May 24th at 3:11 PM

I was able to replace the tree logs in treegen with the round logs, but then the trees wouldn't fall like normal trees when cut down, it treated them as placed logs and you had to cut the logs one at a time, so I have some more digging around to work that out.

Ravenrune, May 24th at 8:26 AM

It's good to have that option. I would love an optional mod where trees spawned with these logs too, though. I'd definitely use it. Great mod. I often chiselled my logs to be more round in builds, but then I need to multiblock chisel to put bark back, and it never looks right.

Deviator, May 23rd at 1:58 PM

That is correct, vanilla trees are still vanilla so you can still have the vanilla logs along with the better logs if you wish.

Ravenrune, May 23rd at 5:19 AM

If I understand this correctly, this doesn't change trees right? And logs you get from trees will be vanilla until altering them into Better Logs?

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