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Category: #Cosmetics
Author: SirDizarm
Side: Both
Created: May 18th 2021 at 10:40 PM
Last modified: May 18th 2021 at 10:45 PM
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Latest file for v1.14.8: 1-click install

Just a coin

Right now theres no recipe, you have to give yourself them with command or using the creative menu. The coin is not like the image I have showing the "Mischief of Mice Coins" on, it was supposed to look like that but I didnt manage to get that model working. But next patch will have that included!

Later patches:
As of now I am working on updating the model to the one the images shows, I might also add so it uses textures from the game instead of using my own. With this change it would also be easier to add new designs for the face of the coin, so I will be working on trying to implement it later. But I have now managed to get used to the modelcreator so the workflow is much better. And I am also looking into trying to make it so you can cast or create the coins in some way, so stay tuned for a update with a few extra features added if I manages to do this :)
But I also want to add more things, like other types of coins (other logos) or smaller, or bigger types. 
If you have a coin you wish me to add, please leave a comment and I might add it later.

Do not compare my mod with this fully featured mod: My mod is something entirely different, its just a simple mod that adds a item with a logo from the community I am playing on "Mischief of Mice", and made to look like a coin I made with chiseling ingame, the one images shows. 


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💬 SirDizarmAuthor, May 20th 2021 at 8:51 AM

MagpieMaydin the ide with a "display mat" is something similar to what I wanted to add, but as of now I have not worked in C# which is the language the game is written in, and I just need to learn how to work with that in order to then make mods that are a bit more advance than this simple mod. But I would like to make a displaycase that can be placed down that actually knows n.s.e.w and with that can be placed with items facing a specific selected way

💬 MagpieMaydin, May 19th 2021 at 8:13 PM

Might I also suggest a "display mat" that lets you lay down a 2x2 or a 3x3 of coins? Like a display case, but without the top.... Perhaps in a checkered pattern? Because then we'd have a pretty easy way to do simple boardgames on servers and that's just... totes magoats.

💬 TheDude, May 19th 2021 at 6:25 AM

As a logo idea, you can put the head of a king, a knight, a prancing horse

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