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Category: #QoL
Author: XxShyWolf
Side: Both
Created: May 25th at 6:36 PM
Last modified: May 25th at 6:43 PM
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I thought it was annoying that torches naturally burn out. So I stopped that. Remember they can still go out because of water/rain.

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💬 Kleber, 6 days ago

Pack the files like this, then the mod works.\assets\inft1\patches

this extra inft1 folder shouldn't be there\inft1\assets\inft1\patches

💬 Seraphim82, Jun 1st at 8:11 PM

XxShyWolf No worries!  I'm glad you came back to check!  The problem is that the zip file that is already named "inft1" has an extra file inside it called "inft1" that leads to the assets and .json file.  To get your mod to work in VS you just have to get rid of that extra file called "inft1" that's currently inside the ziped folder.  Just the zip folder should have the name of the mod (inft1) and inside that folder should be the assets and .json file (kinda naked in there, lol!).  Would you agree Velimos? (Please help me out here; I understand the very basic concepts of how mod folders work with this game, but am fairly new to VS and am really mostly going off of the info you provided below.)  Thanks in advance to both of you!!!

💬 Seraphim82, Jun 1st at 7:59 PM
💬 XxShyWolf, Jun 1st at 1:27 AM

Oh my gosh, I wasn't looking at the comments. What should the update be Seraphim82

💬 Seraphim82, May 31st at 6:12 PM

I tried to remove the extra folder, but the mod still doesn't work that way.  I'd really like to utilize this mod, do you have time to do a quick update XxShyWolf?  😁

💬 Michaloid, May 28th at 10:46 PM

Ah, now i understand. thanks Velimos 

💬 iDiarkis, May 28th at 7:18 PM

Velimos Thank you for explaining, got it working thanks to you

💬 Velimos, May 28th at 5:01 PM

If you open up the zip file you will see \\inft1\ then the assets folder and modinfo.json.  The inft1 folder should not be there. Michaloid

💬 Michaloid, May 27th at 1:18 PM

I personally tried that and still couldn't recognize the mod. Any ideas? Velimos

💬 Velimos, May 27th at 12:45 AM

Move the files out of the inft1 folder to the root, it was zipped wrong.

💬 Michaloid, May 26th at 4:03 PM

For some reason it says that it can't load the mod. Idk why.

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