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Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: Rangelost
Side: Client
Created: May 23rd at 5:55 AM
Last modified: May 24th at 12:31 AM
Downloads: 341
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Latest file for v1.18.0: 1-click install

This is a simple mod with the objective of even further increasing waypoint icon visibility on the world map.

This mod changes the following:

  • Slightly increases player and waypoint icon size;
  • Replaces the waypoint icon "shadows" with thick outlines;
  • Aligns waypoint icons on a pixel grid for a cleaner render;
  • Prevents waypoint icons from resizing on mouseover — instead, icons are highlighted;
  • Fixes the size of waypoint icons' clickable area to prevent from creating a new waypoint when trying to edit an existing one;
  • Removes waypoint index from hover text to reduce clutter.

Upon running the mod, an altmapiconrenderer.json config file will be created or updated in the game's ModConfig directory. The available options are:

  • square_waypoints: true to render waypoint icons as squares, otherwise false.
  • player_colour: hex colour code of the player's map icon (for example, "#FF8080" is light red).
  • thin_outlines: true to render thin outlines, otherwise false.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.1 247 May 24th at 12:31 AM Show Install now
v1.1.0 32 May 23rd at 8:43 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 62 May 23rd at 5:57 AM Show Install now

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💬 Craluminum, 5 hours ago

Could you include mod version to the zip file of each of your mods?

💬 Yelb, May 28th at 6:41 AM

The square option is adopted, thanks !

💬 Twy, May 26th at 10:29 PM

Looks impressive 🔥

💬 Rangelost, May 25th at 9:24 PM


💬 tRead, May 25th at 7:01 PM

Thank you!  Don't NEED my glasses now when playing.  :)

💬 Rangelost, May 24th at 7:54 AM

You are welcome. Heart.

That is fortunate! Thanks for your feedback.

💬 artemax44, May 24th at 6:28 AM


This latest version of mod 1.1.1 fixed the problem. Thank you
💬 Craluminum, May 24th at 5:34 AM

Rangelost Thank you ❤️

💬 Rangelost, May 24th at 2:14 AM

Without the logs, it will be very difficult to locate the issue; the two mods do not interact with each other in any way. Anyhow, I have updated the Waypoint Colours mod to use a config file instead of a standalone file, on the off-chance that reading from the latter caused compatibiliy issues on some systems.

💬 Shion, May 24th at 12:47 AM

Yes, I tried. Can't get the logs. Removing the Waypoint Colours mod "fixed" the issue.

💬 Rangelost, May 24th at 12:37 AM

I can. I have added a new option in v1.1.1 to render thin outlines. Refer to screenshot #5 for a preview, and to the description for instructions.

That is unusual. I have no issues running both mods together. Have you tried restarting your client? Otherwise, look for errors in the VintagestoryData/Logs/client-main.txt file.

💬 Shion, May 24th at 12:11 AM

Doesn't seem to work, even though the config file is created. Looks like the Waypoint Colours mod overrides this one.

💬 Cherry_Brendon, May 23rd at 11:37 PM

Can you make option's to make shadows little smaller?

💬 Rangelost, May 23rd at 9:59 PM

Square waypoints should be disabled by default. If they are enabled when they shouldn't be (see the config file), let me know.

💬 artemax44, May 23rd at 9:15 PM


one last thing. did you remove the other render? I preferred the non-square ones XD
💬 Rangelost, May 23rd at 9:12 PM

Glad I could help! You are not alone in your half-blindness.

You are welcome.

💬 artemax44, May 23rd at 9:01 PM


thank you!
💬 Rangelost, May 23rd at 9:00 PM

I've added a new option in v1.1.0 to render waypoint icons as squares. Refer to screenshot #3 for a preview, and to the description for instructions.

The player icon's texture seems to be created by code. It would be possible to replace it, but that would require a new texture, which I do not have. For now, I have added a new option in v1.1.0 to change the player icon's colour. Refer to screenshot #4 for a preview, and to the description for instructions.

With enough luck, this will be the last waypoint-related mod that I make. I am glad that you enjoy Pixel Waypoints. I use it together with this mod, so there is no reason to discontinue it.

💬 Cookieie, May 23rd at 8:58 PM

This is brilliant!  I had no idea I had marked so many spots on my map that I was not able to see or find until I downloaded this mod.  Thanks for this from a half blind player. 

💬 Mendall, May 23rd at 6:03 PM

wow, you made yet another alt waypoint mod? I assume this might be a better choice for those that prefer the vanilla icons, I for one though hope this don't mean you are going to discontinue pixel waypoints, I have really come to love them.

💬 artemax44, May 23rd at 9:52 AM


Do you know if I can somehow modify the player icon or players?
I wish I could put another color on it. It costs a lot in winter to locate players on the map
💬 Craluminum, May 23rd at 8:19 AM

I would appreciate a simulation of this

💬 Rangelost, May 23rd at 8:06 AM

I see. It would be difficult to render icons in a square-shaped negative space (and make them look good) if they were not designed to be that way.

If you would like, I could create an expansion set for my Pixel Waypoints mod to include replacements for your icons. Otherwise, I will look into adding an option to programatically simulate a similar result (minus the pixelated style).

💬 Craluminum, May 23rd at 7:30 AM
💬 Rangelost, May 23rd at 7:29 AM

I'm not sure I understand. If you prefer the square-shaped icons, then you can use both mods together.

💬 Craluminum, May 23rd at 6:58 AM

Could you also add an option to do something like that? Add alpha outline and then fill everything outside the outline with color

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