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Category: #Furniture
Author: Spionbil
Side: Both
Created: Apr 19th at 4:17 PM
Last modified: Apr 19th at 4:37 PM
Downloads: 687
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Latest file for v1.17.12: 1-click install

That's it, it adds piles of rocks for anyone who needs them.

Immersive when not using maps and coordinates.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.0 687 Apr 19th at 4:37 PM Show Install now

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💬 Craluminum, 3 days ago

Poops of nature 

💬 DaimonAdrestia, 3 days ago

Amazing!.. Just what I was looking for :) Thanks. Immerion enhanced for my rambling, rumbeling and stumbling and rolling about.

Btw.. the Icelandic term is Varða and are still in use all across the country.

💬 Vulkris, May 5th at 10:48 PM

It would be nice to have a reverse recipe so the stones can be recovered.

💬 SkeletonJester, May 3rd at 7:27 AM

Spionbil They should, barring any major changes to the way blocks are coded.

💬 Spionbil, Apr 30th at 11:17 PM

SkeletonJester I assume simple block mods typically stay compatible forever right? Yeah, they can definitely be hard to see at times, such as in grass. I've been happy with them though. Could probably add a larger size at some point.

💬 Spionbil, Apr 30th at 11:14 PM
💬 SkeletonJester, Apr 25th at 6:28 AM

SuspicousPickaxe Works fine in 1.18.1

Vinter_Nacht it's a grid recipe!

Spionbil It might be nice if these were ever so slightly larger - at least a similar in size to the boulders for the smaller cairn, and close to the size of a full block for the larger. Otherwise I find it really hard to actually see them ^^;

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Apr 23rd at 4:29 AM

Huge love... How do you make these cairns? Are they a grid recipe? An in-world interaction?

💬 SuspicousPickaxe, Apr 22nd at 5:32 PM

Does this work as of 1.18.1 stable?

💬 Soggylithe, Apr 19th at 7:13 PM

Cool idea for a mod, I love immersive stuff like this or anything that helps the no map life!

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