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Category: #Other #Utility
Author: ZigTheHedge
Side: Both
Created: Feb 15th at 9:59 PM
Last modified: 6 days ago
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Hey, fellow players!

Here's the mod which adds machines and coins for server offline trading!
There are three variants available: Vending Machine style, Market Stall style and "Trade-o-rug".

First two variants allows one to sell exactly one type of item, and if trade-o-mat owner has "Gamemode" priveledge, it is possible to turn
the tradeomat into "Admin-shop" - infinite selling solution for server trading quarters.
Trade-o-rug, for the other hand, allows to sell five different items "from the showcase" and is ideal for selling food or tools or any other unstackables.

And to make your survival a bit more joyful, Trade-o-mat also adds three kinds of coins. Copper, Silver and Gold. You can pour the corresponding liquid metal in a clay mold to receive these coins. And you can always smelt it back to metal if you no longer in need of "money". You can also stack it on a ground.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.5.9 72 6 days ago Show
v1.5.8 71 Oct 5th at 8:04 AM Show
v1.5.7 479 Jul 8th at 5:12 PM Show
v1.5.5 467 Mar 24th at 1:43 PM Show
v1.5.4-B 180 Feb 24th at 12:15 PM Show
v1.5.2-B 136 Feb 18th at 5:26 PM Show
v1.5.1-B 112 Feb 15th at 10:19 PM Show

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