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Author: Polraudio
Side: Client
Created: Feb 15th
Last modified: 5 days ago
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Note: Not a mod but a utility.

What is VS Launcher? VS Launcher is a launcher that lets you have multiple mod setups for whatever you want. Once complete it will also have a server browser where people can list their servers and people can download all mods required and join the server with 1 click. People will also be able to upload mods for people to download and make packs with. The end goal is to have a single place where everyone can go to get what they want for the game.

As of right now only the packs feature works where you can make a folder and load it with mods and launch the game with only those mods.

How to add mod packs:

Make a folder inside the Modpacks folder and drop your mods in there, then run the launcher, then select the pack you want to play and hit play.

Note: If you want people to be able to join your server right from the launcher make a serverip.txt file in your packs folder with the ip and they can just click Play on Packs Server and it will launch the game and join the server all in 1 click.

Note 2: If your server has a password please include a "serverpass.txt" file in your packs folder. This will allow people to automatically use the password when joining your packs server.


1.2.2 Dev

  • Added ability to join servers with a password.
  • When packs are created from the server list it will make a password file with whatever password you inserted into the password field.
  • The pack selection on the main tab will now use a password from a password file in the pack when joining the packs server.

1.2.0 Dev

  • Added ability to join servers and download mods with 1 click when you click Join With Mods.
  • Added ability to manage mods in your packs.
  • Added some links to the Main tab(mainly to take up space XD).

1.1.0 Dev

  • Added the ability to download mods directly from the official moddb
  • Added ability to search for mods via text.
  • Added a server browser with the ability to connect to the server with the currently selected pack or no mods.
  • Updated the info tab with hopefully useful information.
  • Added ability to refresh the modpack list.

1.0.2 Dev

  • Added ability to open a mod packs folder.
  • Added the best icon the world has ever seen.

1.0.1 Dev

  • Added ability to set a custom location for launching the game if you are not using the default install location.
  • You can now add a description and icon to your packs.
  • You can now add an IP to your packs if you have a server for the pack and players can connect directly to the server from the launcher.


If you find this launcher useful, have suggestions or want to help please let me know below.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.2 21 5 days ago Show VS Launcher V1.2.2
v1.2.1 64 Apr 18th Show VS Launcher V1.2.1
v1.2.0 35 Apr 14th Show VS Launcher V1.2.0
v 112 Feb 25th Show VS Launcher V1.1.0
v 52 Feb 15th Show VSLauncher V1.0.2


Polraudio, 5 days ago

No problem, thank you for using it. Yea a search feature for the server list is in the plans.

Im also going to try to make the mod pack maker work off of a list found online or either a text file you can download. Basically when creating packs you would just pick what mods and versions you want from the moddb and it will make a text document with all the modid's and versions and also allow pack makers to include external links for those packs that have mods that are not on the moddb.

As for downloading packs directly from the client i have to figure out a system for that. I might make a masterlist on pastebin where i can add links to peoples modpacks. OFC this will require me to manually approve peoples packs but once approved you should be able to update the pack yourself since the info will be pulled from the link you provide.

All this will take some time as im back to working extra hours at work again due to a few people quitting in key positions(yay for me having to play manager again T.T). But hopefully once things go back to normal ill have more freetime.

Robson, 5 days ago

Glad i could help.

A search function on the server list would be awesome too.

Fantastic little utility, thanks for making this.

Polraudio, 5 days ago

Updated the laucnher. You can now join servers with passwords. Thank you Robson for bringing that to my attention.

Polraudio, May 3rd

You know that is something I have overlooked lol. In the next update ill add an area to input a password.

Robson, May 3rd

How does one join a passworded server with this launcher? cant seem to figure it out.

Polraudio, Apr 30th

Sory for the late reply. Yes this is only for windows.

OdinTheWanderer, Apr 28th

Is there a way to run the launcher on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). i tried launching the .exe file using mono the same way i launch the game but i get back this error

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException could not find a part of the path /home/Odin/VS Launcher 1.2.1 Dev/Modpacks'

It starts fine with Wine but wont download anything. Is this only for Windows?



Polraudio, Apr 25th

Thyank you. Glad you like it.

Rufkut, Apr 21st

Must have, super useful and cool

Polraudio, Apr 18th

Updated launcher with a fix for a crash that was caused by mods without descriptions.


  • Fixed a crashing bug when people don't put descriptions for their mods.
Polraudio, Apr 14th

Updated launcher with some new features.


  • Added ability to join servers and download mods with 1 click when you click Join With Mods.
  • Added ability to manage mods in your packs.
  • Added some links to the Main tab(mainly to take up space XD).
Theisgood, Mar 9th

Okay have a safe move to your new home. :) Good luck and also very good mod.

Polraudio, Mar 9th

If anyone is wondering when the next update will come it will be a while. Im currently in the process of moving to a new home. Once I move I wont have internet for a few days to a week. Once I get all moved and internet back ill be hammering out the next update.

Thank you very much for everyone who has tried this launcher so far. If you like it please let me know what you like about it or what you mainly use it for.

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