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Category: #Utility
Author: Nyuhnyash
Side: Server
Created: Mar 15th at 10:33 PM
Last modified: Mar 15th at 10:51 PM
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Provides game server information via popular Server List Ping protocol


  1. Install the mod with /moddb install statusserver command
  2. Run the server with mod installed for the first time to generate default config file.
  3. Open TCP port specified in mod config (You can't share the same port with Vintage Story game server).
  4. (Optional) Add server icon (64x64, PNG only) path relative to VintagestoryServer executable (or use absolute path).

Default config file

    "Port": 25565,
    "IconFile": "server-icon.png",
    "EnabledExtensions": [ "world" ]


There are plenty of libraries implementing the protocol: mcstatus, mcutil, etc. More examples.

Ready-to-use services:,, Telegram bot @msmpbot.

Operate raw json to access non-standard extensions data.

Raw json response
    "version": {
        "protocol": 2000,
        "name": "1.18.0-pre.6"
    "players": {
        "max": 16,
        "online": 1,
        "sample": [
                "name": "Nyuhnyash",
                "id": "3e4a67aa-c4f1-f5f7-dffd-37e2fad5f74d"
    "description": {
        "text": "Vintage Story Server"
    "favicon": "data:image/png;base64,<...>",
// Non-standard extension
    "world": {
        "datetime": "2. May, Year 0, 17:31"

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v1.0.0 27 Mar 15th at 10:51 PM Show

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