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Category: #Worldgen
Author: Lance
Side: Server
Created: Mar 15th at 3:22 PM
Last modified: 6 days ago
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This mod prevents any new bear spawns in your game.  Any previously existing bears will still exist.

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v1.0.1 20 6 days ago Show
v1.0.0 25 Mar 15th at 3:39 PM Show

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💬 Cookieie, 6 days ago

OMG. That will be wonderful! I am near to tears I am so happy about this possibility.  Thank you! so much. 

💬 Lance, Mar 23rd at 9:37 PM

@Cookieie I decided to work on a no monsters mod. I will upload it after I test it more.

💬 Cookieie, Mar 23rd at 8:43 PM

@Lance, Thanks for the response. I did come across that mod, it is outdated. 

💬 Lance, Mar 23rd at 10:08 AM

@Cookieie Not by me, no.  There was a mod that removed drifters and bells but it might be out of date now.

💬 Cookieie, Mar 22nd at 9:50 PM

Is there a "No Monsters. Really!" Mod?? asking for a friend who has high anxiety and would love to play this game but won't due to the monsters. 

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