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Author: MarcAFK
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Created: Mar 10th at 3:17 PM
Last modified: Mar 10th at 3:17 PM
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This small patch alters the behaviour of hostile animals to only attack the player when injured, affected creatures are Wolves, Bears, hyenas, and the male bighorn sheep. Animals will still attack other animals. please note an animal injured by being attacked by another animal, or injured in some other way can still aggro at the player. Be careful of bees or animals injured from stepping off a height.
Hyenas still have their follow player behaviour, which i left in because they're mischevious. Other animals which followed the player will only do this now when hostile.
I might slightly tweak this in a future update, perhaps these animals should keep the behaviour that bighorn rams have by default which was to attack the player when nearby, but not actively seek them out. Give feedback below if you think this is a good idea.

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💬 Ikirou, Mar 15th at 2:18 PM

I like your Idea with the Bighorn Rams behaviour with would it then make this Mod interesting for Me.

Great Mod anyway! 

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