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This huge mod doubles the current amount of tool-grade metals in the game, massively expanding the endgame content. Enjoy 7 unique metal types all with their own quirks and complexities to create, start with blacksteel- a tier 5, progress to crysteel or move on to redsteel/bluesteel in teir 6. Finally, with some rare resources you will be able to create the three legendary metals-adamantite, mithril, and ultimately vinarium. Mod takes major inspiration from the minecraft mod "Minefantasy II", currently using TerraFirmaCraft colored steel ratios, might change them for balance though.

Looking for feedback on things like "is the durability/mining speed difference too small or dramatic?", crashes or general balance suggestions on things like the hammer/excavator. I'll read all feedback.

Mod is currently in a alpha/testing state, while unlikely, there may be crashes and there might be incompatibilities with other mods like:

Metal recovery is at least one mod that will not work with this from what I've seen, so use it/similar mods at your own discretion.


Brief description:


I'll go over some basics here but I've included three new guides in the handbook going over stuff in more detail. You should give them a read if you need help.

New worldgen- Mystic ore is a new ore found rarely near the mantle in the deepths of the world, it produces a strange clockwork-like sound so you can find it easier when your nearby, mystic ore does not show up when prospecting so you will need to dig around in the dangerous depths while keeping an ear out for its signature sound.

3x3 Tools- Stronger metals means stronger tools, blacksteel and better metals can be created into powerful 3x3 mining tools like the hammer or excavator. Despite a general slower mining speed these tools can dig large tunnels far faster than a pickaxe but they cant mine as many total blocks as one. Legendary metal hammers need a special set of parts to create.

More anvils- While blacksteel and crysteel can be forged into tools on a steel anvil, you will need a blacksteel anvil to work red and blue steel. You will eventually need to make a red/blue steel anvil so you can forge the legendary metals. These anvils are far easier to craft and can be reclaimed with a chisel.

Standard tools and armor- All these new metals can be forged into vanilla things like pickaxes, axes, saws, hammers, shovels, shears, brigantine, chainmail, plate, scalemail and more. The only thing you cant make that might be added later on is spears and arrows if I can figure out how to make custom entities of these items. Armor recipes are based off of the armor crafting rebalance mod I have made, these recipes make more sense than vanillas and this mod is balanced to use these recipes.

New fuels/alloys- To make these new metals you will need to alloy them from other metals/materials. Because of this, there are two new fuel types able to melt steel and beyond. Blacksteel needs to be carbonated via a cementation furnace before you can use it so you may want to build a few of those to expand your production. I might eventually add more cementation furnace useage, or even unique multi-blocks if needed. Also adds the ability to smelt down nickel and magnesium to ingots for some alloys.

Nuggets- I've added tons of new nuggets for vanilla and this mods metals, this is for convenience when creating all these alloys, they have the same metal value as a normal nugget at 5 units and the recipe is 1:1 so you can smelt them back down to an ingot. They can be made with a chisel and the ingot you want to break down.


Metal properties:

Each new metal offers a choice: durability or speed. While some metals may let you mine faster or offer increased mobility this often comes at the cost of durability, as such you will need to make a choice of what metals you will want to make your tools or armor out of.


Blacksteel (tier 5)-

Blacksteel is a very basic metal, its better than steel in every way. Armor made from any mystical metal offers far fewer restrictions than vanilla overall and is tuned to be different for each metal.

Crysteel (tier 6)-

Crysteel is an interesting "metal" that while in the same tier as the better steels it only needs a tier 4 anvil to smith like blacksteel, it has some fillers in it so its a good way to stretch your blacksteel supply, due to its properties it is unable to be made into armor and has less durability than blacksteel but it mines faster and does more damage.

Redsteel (tier 6)-

Redsteel is a very dense metal, its super strong and gear made from it have lots of durability and will protect you very well. Unfortunately its also very heavy so your tools will mine slower than bluesteel and armor will hinder your mobility greatly.

Bluesteel (tier 6)-

Bluesteel is unnaturally lightweight so tools made from it will mine really fast, its also great at making armor that barely hinders you, gear will have slightly less durability/protection than redsteel.

Adamantite (tier 7)-

Adamantite has incredible strength and gear made from it has insane durability and protection, it is very very heavy though so you wont be able to move or mine as fast with it. As an example adamantite plate armor will slow you down by 30%, but all types of armors made from it get a high tier damage resistance bonus.

Mithril (tier 7)-

Mithril is a metal incredible in its own right, its so lightweight that ingots of it will float on water! Gear made from this metal offer the fastest mining speed and even its plate armor will only slow you down by just 9%! Its not nearly as durable or protective as adamantite though and does not get a high tier damage resistance on scale and below.

Vinarium (tier 7)-

This super-metal is the result of mixing adamantite and mithril, its the ultimate alloy in the fact that it borrows properties from its components, items made from it are the most durable yet and also offer insane protection, the only catch is that its slightly heaver than mithril so its plate armor slows you down by 15%, but all types of armors made from it get a high tier damage resistance bonus.




Metal textures:

Order- blacksteel, crysteel, redsteel, bluesteel, adamantite, mithril, vinarium.



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11 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 MadreCherry, Oct 1st at 3:02 AM

i need this in my life

💬 l33tmaan, Sep 20th 2022 at 2:29 AM

Still looking forward to this one getting updated some day!

💬 Mr1k3Author, Jan 22nd 2022 at 10:25 AM

I'll eventually get around to updating this mod, with a need to rewrite the whole mod, and it being so large means keeping it updated alongside my other major mods is a real big headache. When I catch some inspiration and have some time I'll sit down and at least update it.

💬 Lisabet, May 7th 2021 at 2:03 PM

made my first blacksteel/crysteel/redsteel and bluesteel (but only used some crysteel and a bluesteel ingot); no crashing issues regarding the metal recovery mod; did get some metal bits back but they were basically nameless and no info on resmelting 20:1 which is least nothing crashed :P 

crysteel pickaxe worked great for mining mystical ore; made a crysteel shovel and axe, shovel seems good but the axe snapped (broke) when I was breaking a chest to upgrade it from black bronze to iron...the axe had been entirely unused beforehand :(

maybe because I was breaking the chest? I hadn't had a chance to see how it did vs trees :P

edit made the blacksteel anvil off the bat, since for whatever reason I couldn't make a steel anvil (didn't even see it in the handbook lol) and couldn't use the new metals on my iron anvil (blacksteel required tier 4 and iron is apparently tier 3 anvil wise)

💬 Lisabet, Apr 22nd 2021 at 6:03 AM

I'll let you know when I get to that point; considering I normally make steel in a bloomery with a mod, it'll be a bit ;)

I still need to put together all the stuff to make black steel lol (as well as 'traditional steel')

💬 Mr1k3Author, Apr 22nd 2021 at 5:56 AM

I just have not tested the newer versions of metal recovery, you could be fine running them together at least on the surface, but im guessing that when you put a mystical metals item on an anvil you might crash. But I dont know for sure

💬 Lisabet, Apr 22nd 2021 at 3:42 AM

I added this mod to a world I've already been playing in, also have the metal recovery mod and no crash issue; granted the world wasn't created with the mod running but I've only explored less than 1/4 of it so was hoping that the chunks that haven't been generated will get the materials.  If there's no chance of that I'll just uncheck it til I'm ready to start a new map lol

💬 Mr1k3Author, Apr 22nd 2021 at 2:59 AM

I was getting a crash when trying to load a test world with both mods installed. I was using an older version of metal recovery but I still dont think it would work with a newer version. I was talking to Melchior about compatibility and he told me that he has to make some changes with his code to be flexible, and that the game does not have an easy way to interface with modded metals. His code is only checking for vanilla metals, so it causes major issues when it finds more than that.

I'm pretty confident that the mod otherwise should be very compatable and should not crash at all, since I'm mainly implementing stuff though json which I've noticed is hard to break. The only part that I'm a little unsure is the modded anvils, since the base game is automatically creating the properties for them, though I've done a bunch of smithing on them without issue.

💬 Lisabet, Apr 21st 2021 at 7:43 PM

When you say this mod doesn't work with Metal Recovery, does that just mean you don't get metal bits back while smithing? Or that it causes crashes/other issues with both mods in use?

💬 Mr1k3Author, Apr 20th 2021 at 10:48 PM

I would reccomend using the armor crafting rebalance because I use those same recipes for this armor, that way theres no change from how you craft the armor from vanilla to this mod. I also have balanced the mod to be similar/mesh with less armor negatitives, but not class armors, so you wont see any bonuses from wearing the armor.

💬 MagpieMaydin, Apr 19th 2021 at 8:12 PM

Could this be used with your Armor Crafting Reballance mod, or the Class armors Mod? Would you recommend either specifically, or just use this one alone?

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