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Category: #QoL #Worldgen
Author: TheNiteFox
Side: Both
Created: Mar 4th at 3:26 PM
Last modified: Mar 4th at 3:28 PM
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Latest file:

Currently in this mod

  • New butterfly Trader - Buys & Sells all Dead Butterflies currently in game. (Since a butterfly instantly turns into "Dead Butterfly" when caught with a bug net)
  • Agriculture Trader - Now sells all Tree Seeds except for Cypress ( couldn't figure out the code 😅)(this file can be deleted under the patches if you don't want)


Planned for the near future

  • Shield Trader (open to suggestions on pricing, and any help with codes I can't find 😅)
  • Lumberjack Trader - will sell all debarked logs, beams, other wood based building materials & will buy tools like Axes.
  • Seed Trader - Will sell all seeds currently in game (except bell peppers) including fruit tree stems.

Mod compatibility for the future

Once I figure out how to do this one of the first mods I want to add a Trader for is Wildcraft. I want to add an Herbalist that sells all the different herbs available in that mod, but got no clue where to begin with pricing or any of it, so I am starting with the little simple things first :)


~~If you come across any bugs please let me know

This version is for 1.18pre1-3, I do believe they are removing/changing some butterflies in pre4 so then this will have to be updated and will have so bugs, but as of right now shouldn't cause any problems on pre3 ^_^


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v0.0.1 149 Mar 4th at 3:28 PM Show moretraders-

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