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Author: mittim
Side: Both
Created: Mar 1st at 1:17 AM
Last modified: Mar 1st at 1:19 AM
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Add 24 lime to a cooking pot in the crafting grid to get 'Lime in a pot'. These can be fired in a pitkiln to make 'Quicklime in a pot' (4 pots per pitkiln are possible, same as in vanilla).

After that use the crafting grid to remove 16 quicklime from the pot and get the cooking pot back.

This method is slightly more efficient as it turns 3 lime into 2 quicklime (vanilla is 2 lime to 1 quicklime) and faster than using the firepit.

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v1.0.0 141 Mar 1st at 1:19 AM Show

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💬 mittim, Mar 4th at 5:22 PM

Kurazarrh Thx for the appreciation! I am unsure that a pitkiln can realisticly achieve the needed 825°C, but with the right type of wood, or coal, it maybe can. But I think this is a nice solution for now, maybe we get a lime kiln in the future.

💬 Kurazarrh, Mar 2nd at 8:49 PM

Oh man. I have GOT to try this out. I've been dying for a quicklime solution for a long time. No idea if this solution is realistic, but it's kind of close enough to a lime kiln that it makes me happy! Thanks for making this mod.

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