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Category: #Utility
Author: Th3Dilli
Side: Client
Created: Feb 18th at 3:20 PM
Last modified: Feb 26th at 9:12 AM
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This is the client side mod to export the color mappings for the WebCartographer tool.


To start exporting start up any world with the same modes as your world that you want to create a web map for has.
Run ".exportcolors" to generate the mappgins.

The exported `blockcolormapping.json` will be next to your games Mods folder within the ModConfig folder.
TIP: Set the ingame time to the beginning of august if you want very vibrant colors. Since the exported colors will be the same as seen on the ingame minimap.

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v0.1.0 63 Feb 26th at 9:12 AM Show

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