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Author: misterandydandy
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Created: Feb 13th 2023 at 2:06 AM
Last modified: Feb 2nd at 12:42 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

Just Short Info For Now

For my mod you will need - CommonLib - Vintage Story Mod DB the last version because I am using it for configs. big thanks to DArkHekRoMaNT for the amazing CommonLib 😎

A Wearable Light to equip to the player.

Item types at the moment -
Head-TorchHead-OilLamp, Head-Candle1, Head-Candle2.
Waist-Heavy-Belt-Brass-Lantern, Backpack.


Available Slot?




More to come?

Feature : Togglable Light

Players can (Ctrl + Right Click) to turn on and off the light at will. Within Hotbar


"DisableItem": False,
"Comment": "Removing items from game",

"DisableRecipes": False,
"Comment": "Removing items recipes from game",

"DisableSound": False,
"Comment": "On/Off sounds for items when being turn on and off.",

"RmoveTradable": False,
"Comment": "Rmove tradable items from traders",


waiting on the mod to be updated

"TemporalTinkerer": False
"Comment": "Set it to true if you want to it enable",

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.1 3900 Feb 2nd at 12:42 PM Show Install now
v1.1.0 592 Jan 27th at 5:54 PM Show Install now
v1.0.10 2139 Nov 26th 2023 at 11:45 PM Show Install now
v1.0.8 5785 Apr 26th 2023 at 10:02 PM Show Install now
v1.0.7 128 Apr 26th 2023 at 9:39 PM Show Install now
v1.0.6 184 Apr 26th 2023 at 12:49 PM Show Install now
v1.0.5 117 Apr 25th 2023 at 8:08 PM Show Install now
v1.0.4 860 Mar 18th 2023 at 12:24 PM Show Install now
v1.0.3 596 Feb 22nd 2023 at 5:35 PM Show Install now
v1.0.2 313 Feb 21st 2023 at 10:52 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 197 Feb 17th 2023 at 1:07 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 237 Feb 13th 2023 at 2:08 AM Show Install now

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💬 Dima_2033, Mar 18th at 8:00 AM

How can I make item "Brass Lantern(Unlit)"?
It looks like there's no recipe of Brass Lantern(Unlit).

💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 26th at 11:11 PM

misterandydandy Sturben me! I went and used your "When": "Tradable" code from the Github with "isValue": "true" instead of what you told me and didn't get a light for several trades. Then I went back and did it how you told me and got a light on the first trade after their inventory updated! Smh.

💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 22nd at 12:36 AM

Gotcha, thank you.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 21st at 11:36 PM

Yes I know about the issue I'll be fixing it as long with other things. Set it to false. 

💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 21st at 6:56 PM

I've been trying to buy the tool belt with a lantern from a clothing trader for a while now and he never has anything from A Wearable Light in stock.

I looked in trader-clothes.json and found that it is possible to be sold but is it turned off? I don't know enough about what I'm looking at but it seems given the value assigned?

"file": "game:entities/humanoid/trader-clothing.json",
"condition": {
"when": "DisableTradable",
"isValue": "true"

"DisableTradable" does that mean it can't be traded? If that's true then what's the wording I need to enable them?

All the items that are tradable have this value for "when":

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 11th at 10:43 PM

There a new update coming soon


Something that you lot have been asking for 😛

💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 3rd at 5:47 AM

misterandydandy 🤩 Yes please.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 2nd at 10:59 PM

I can Pervy_Sage

💬 Pervy_Sage, Feb 2nd at 8:15 PM

Can you make this compatible with Advanced Backpack Construction System Reborn?

💬 OmegaHaxors, Jan 29th at 12:11 AM

I'd have to add special handling to make this sort of thing work with Lantern, as it only checks hand and offhand slots.

💬 Cpt_C0nfus3d, Dec 29th 2023 at 4:45 PM

Falco You have to put it at the bottom of the bar and then shift + right click and it will turn on. 

💬 Falco, Dec 4th 2023 at 10:55 AM

I can't turn the light off. Not that I need to, but it would be nice if this were a configurable keybind.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Dec 3rd 2023 at 11:24 PM

iodide I haven't tested it myself so I don't know.

💬 iodide, Dec 3rd 2023 at 6:53 PM

Can anyone confirm if this works using v.1.19pre?

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Nov 26th 2023 at 11:48 PM

Sorry for the long wait I have now updated it too v1.18.15

💬 Whiteshadoh, Oct 19th 2023 at 7:39 PM

Ryuu Still working 1.18.15

💬 Kaofan, Sep 15th 2023 at 1:46 PM


Polish version


"item-clothes-head-torch-on": "Latarka na głowie (Włączona)",
"item-clothes-head-torch-off": "Latarka na głowie (Wyłączona)",

"item-clothes-head-oil-lamp-on": "Lampa naftowa (Zapalona)",
"item-clothes-head-oil-lamp-off": "Lampa naftowa (Zgaszona)",

"item-clothes-head-candle1-on": "Świeczka (Zapalona)",
"item-clothes-head-candle1-off": "Świeczka (Zgaszona)",
"item-clothes-head-candle2-on": "Świeczka (Zapalona)",
"item-clothes-head-candle2-off": "Świeczka (Zgaszona)",

"item-basepart-*": "Świeczka (Podstawa)",

"item-clothes-waist-heavy-belt-brass-lantern-off": "Lampion mosiężny (Zgaszony)",
"item-clothes-waist-heavy-belt-brass-lantern-on": "Lampion mosiężny (Zapalony)",

"item-backpack": "Plecak (Lampion mosiężny)",

"game:heldhelp-headlantern-rightclick": "Przełącz światło",
"game:heldhelp-bags-rightclick": "Załóż",
"game:tabname-awearablelight": "Niesiony Źródło Światła"

💬 Ryuu, Sep 14th 2023 at 9:27 PM

is it still working on 1.18.10?

💬 MavKaded, Aug 22nd 2023 at 12:22 AM

Do the wearable lights increase hunger like other carryable lights in the game?

💬 B0bb0, Aug 6th 2023 at 11:47 PM

Hi, I also have to put the belt lantern into my hotbar to to turn it on/off. 'L' is not being used, perhaps you could toggle with that key to avoid conflicts?

💬 Kunndt, May 31st 2023 at 3:49 AM

Is there a way to change the keybind to toggle the light on/off? I think the Movement Mod I'm using overrides it with their ctrl+right click dash function, I can't turn off the backpack one at all (Haven't tried the others yet though). Ideally I'd like to change it to maybe right ctrl+Rmb or just an unintrusive keyboard button if it doesn't need a mouseclick included. I've also tried changing my sprint and crouch binds and still couldn't get it to work.

💬 SpeedRider, May 30th 2023 at 9:37 PM

it would be cool if you could keep adding more light to your player. like an extra light on adds +2 light 


💬 SpeedRider, May 30th 2023 at 9:37 PM

it would be cool if you could keep adding more light to your player. like an extra light on adds +2 light 


💬 misterandydandyAuthor, May 19th 2023 at 9:41 PM

Loco Some of the items don't have a recipe you have to buy them from traders.

💬 Loco, May 19th 2023 at 1:33 PM

Hello I am playing on version 18.1 stable. When i first installed it, items were in the hanbook but with no recipes. I saw that I needed the latest commonlib so I updated it to the currect version. Still no recipes

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, May 17th 2023 at 7:01 PM

I would love to have it work like that Nemo4ever I'll have to take a look again..

💬 Nemo4ever, May 13th 2023 at 6:25 PM

We need a mod like baubles in Minecraft, so you can open your player GUI find a spot for the lamp and just toggle it from there instead of one more keyboard command.

💬 Michaloid, May 5th 2023 at 8:22 PM

@CaveSalamander i had tried while wearing it, but once i saw your comment, it worked. 

💬 CaveSalamander, May 5th 2023 at 7:09 PM

Michaloid I had this same issue and I have sneak/sprint inverted as well, turns out the key for me was Shift+RMB while holding the item in your hotbar. Hope this works for you as well

💬 Michaloid, Apr 29th 2023 at 9:59 PM

I went to the controls menu and haven't seen the turn on/off prompt there. And usually mods that bring new controls are put there so idk. Imma check the logs to see if anything comes up. Nope, nothing appears.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Apr 29th 2023 at 9:41 PM

Michaloid I don't have that issue so I am not sure what is going on? is there anything within logs? and when you Ctrl + Right Click it should turn it on and off.

💬 Michaloid, Apr 29th 2023 at 4:49 PM

No, it simply doesn't turn on. I have shift to run and ctrl to crouch, does this impact anything?


💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Apr 29th 2023 at 10:36 AM

it should work? Michaloid just make sure you aren't holding it down.

💬 Michaloid, Apr 29th 2023 at 2:30 AM

I press ctrl + right click and it doesn't do anything, tried shift too and nothing. how do i turn the brass lantern belt?

💬 melodelic, Apr 28th 2023 at 12:14 AM

misterandydandy can you put a silver-lined brass lantern + backpack into the crafting grid? Or is it only the normal non-lined brass lantern?

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Apr 11th 2023 at 6:56 PM

Hi Kapibarion so for the backpack you have to put lantern and backpack into the crafting grid to make a new backpack. if you look for items of the name within handbook you should beable to find recipes.

Head-TorchHead-OilLamp, Head-Candle1Head-Candle2.
Waist-Heavy-Belt-Brass-Lantern, Backpack. 

I'll get around recording a video.

💬 Kapibarion, Apr 10th 2023 at 1:02 PM

Hello misterandydandy ,

Could you please explain how to use your mod? In particular how to attach a lantern to a backpack or a waist? I have both backpack and a lantern and there is no slot or any way to attach the lantern to the backpack.

Thank you.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Mar 18th 2023 at 12:44 PM

I'll do it tonight Craluminum Thanks for letting me know 😁

💬 DanaCraluminum, Mar 18th 2023 at 12:29 PM

Could you turn ItemBags class into collectible behavior, please?

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Mar 2nd 2023 at 10:58 PM

Edel_Recke I never had a issue with it? can you post logs

💬 Edel_Recke, Mar 1st 2023 at 7:47 AM

If i use this mod (besides some others; can post all if needed), the RAM usage get#s very high and VS crashes after 20-30 seconds


💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 24th 2023 at 9:51 PM

Frepo t's because you decompile it.

It should be MethodType.Getter where the 1 is.

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 24th 2023 at 6:49 PM

If you could message me on discord instead because my phone doesn't like this website lol 🤣 Mister_Andy_Dandy#4403

💬 Frepo, Feb 24th 2023 at 5:37 PM

Heeey! This is great! A head lamp is just what I've been wanting for this game. I stole your code into a project of my own to start learning harmony (coz your mod seems small and easy to start with).
I got an error right away after copying over the code from the EntityPlayer_LightHsv_Patched class. my compiler doesn't recognize the second line "[HarmonyPatch("LightHsv", 1)]", (cannot convert from 'int' to 'System.Type[]').

It doesn't seem to want the "1" value there. I was wondering what version of harmony you've referenced? Or rather which 0Harmony.dll file (I see we both are using version

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 17th 2023 at 1:13 AM

I am planning on adding more to it Smile

💬 Smile, Feb 14th 2023 at 9:14 PM

Can I suggest a waist-slot lantern accessory that works similarly?

There can also be potential for a light-up necklace that is quite costly as and end-game option.

Keen to see what else is added to maybe add this to our community server

💬 misterandydandyAuthor, Feb 13th 2023 at 8:51 AM

it should if you are using one of them and to turn on Ctrl + Right Click.

💬 RayoRey, Feb 13th 2023 at 5:43 AM

How does it turn on? does not produce light

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