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This mod is a monster mod for Vintage Story, made for 'The Nerd Den' server, but free to all. I usually livestream my mod development via and try to have my livestreams archived on my YouTube page @viescraft (not all streams make it to YouTube). 

Please let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome!

Currently added:   


New monster type: Stalker/Stalkers (Spider)

        - Common        - Golden        - Verdant          - Violet

        - Normal

        - Bite: Melee attack dealing 2 piercing damage.
        - Web Shot: Shoots an orb that when touches any surface/entity will caccoon the area in temporary Stalker web slowing down all entities but stalkers by 75%.
        - Poison Fang: Melee attack that does 1.5 x poison damage with a potentially strong knockback.

        - Gossamer (30% chance, max drop 1) (2 makes 1 flax twine)
        - Vial of viscous goo (25% chance, max drop 2) (2 makes 1 resin)
        - Stalker web (10% chance, max drop 1) (throwable webbing)
        - Rusty gear (5% chance, max drop 1)
        - Temporal gear (1% chance, max drop 1)



New monster type: Hollow/Hollows (Skeleton)

        - Common        - Scarlet        - Russet          - Ashen

        - Normal

        - Dual Attack: Quick melee attack dealing 0.75 blunt damage and 5% stability damage randomly with either the right or left hand.
        - Crushing Blow: Melee attack that does 2 crushing damage and 20% temporal stability damage with a potentially strong knockback.
        - Door Breaker: Targets the closest door and attempts to break it down. This is only triggered at night on a full moon. Can be disabled via the configs and doesn't affect claimed land. 

        - Bone (30% chance, max drop 1)
        - Vial of fatty oil (25% chance, max drop 2) (2 makes 1 lump of fat)
        - Rusty gear (5% chance, max drop 1)
        - Temporal gear (1% chance, max drop 1)



New monster type: Unstable/Unstables (Sentient Bomb)

        - Common        - Azure        - Voilet          - Dark

        - Normal

        - Chaos Blast: Shoots a ball of energy dealing 1 chaos damage. Firing rate increases as it gets closer to the player.
        - Detonate: Moves towards the target and begins the countdown. When the timer is up, the monster will explode, causing entity and block damage equal to the distance from the monster. Players can kill or move away to prevent Detonate. Detonate does not leave a corpse to harvest. Can be disabled via the configs and doesn't affect claimed land. 

        - Saltpeter (30% chance, max drop 1)
        - Vial of calcified dust (25% chance, max drop 2) (2 makes 1 lime)
        - Rusty gear (5% chance, max drop 1)
        - Temporal gear (1% chance, max drop 1)



New monster type: Willowisp/Willowisps (Soul Fragment)

        - Common        - Keppel        - Golden          - Lux

        - Normal

        - Orb Swing: Melee attack dealing 1 blunt damage.
        - Wanderlust: The willowisp is attracted to living players and will attempt to follow them.
        - Tainted Caress: Passive AoE ability that slowly reduces player hunger while within a 5 block radius of the willowisp. If hunger is depleted, the aura will deplete health.

        - Charcoal (30% chance, max drop 1)
        - Vial of blackened ash (25% chance, max drop 2)
        - Rusty gear (5% chance, max drop 1)
        - Temporal gear (1% chance, max drop 1)


Monster modifiers:

The "variant" modifier dictates the color tint of a monster and will have increased stats with a rarer spawn chance tradeoff. Each monster type will come in 3-4 variants.

The different variants are:

- Scarlet (Red)
- Golden (Yellow)
- Amber (Orange)
- Violet (Purple)
- Verdant (Green)
- Azure (Blue)
- Russet (Brown)
- Ashen (Gray)
- Lux (White)
- Dark (Black)


WIP The "contamination" modifier dictates the size, look, health, and attack power. The more contaminated a monster is, the deadlier it is.

The different levels of contamination are:

- Normal
- Tainted (Coming soon)
- Corrupt (Coming soon)
- Abomination (Coming soon)

WARNING! The sections below may come in sentence fragments and half baked ideas!

Planned monster types:

    The next creature will be Wraiths or the start of sea monsters. Not sure yet! Will be livestreamed like the rest of the creatures were.

    - Wraith/Wraiths (Ghost): semi transparent glows when aggroed, goes through walls. stays out of sunlight. Ghosts can have a fear ability. Maybe ability invisible: uncloaks around artificial lights.(torch?)

    - Abyssal/Abyssals (sea squid cthulu thing): spawns in water, can grab a player and try to swim down to drown them.

    - Ooze (jello cube) minForest / minRain spawning like racoon?New abilities for stalkers:

    Elementals (come up with better lovecraft name?) Fire, water, ice, earth, wind, holy, darkness, chaos?, nature, lightning, rust, corruption. examples Fire elemental creates a 9/10 full lava tile; water elemental throws hail and water. I can make them use game mechanics? Like lightning, hail...

    Fairy?- neutral creature that floats around in forests. May give off an aura of healing. opposite of a willowisp?



Planned features:

    Have Hollows be able to crawl around. Throws bone projectiles that can stun when they hit?

    Stalker ability tweaks:

      (Tainted, Corrupt, Abomination)
      - Rusty Web Shot:Shoots an orb that when touches any surface/entity will caccoon the area in temporary Stalker web.

      - Temporal Venom: Melee attack that does 2.5 x poison damage.

      - Web Shot has a 10% chance to come out as a poisoned web.

    Alpha versions of the monsters. These will have a special ability. For stalkers, it will be able to make a stalker next with a cluster of stalkers. Inner webbing will drop loot. Hollow alphas will make a gravestone block that will act as unholy land, a graveyard.

Event ideas:

    Music of the Spheres: Inspired by Ghroth. Randomly select a moon rise event (probably new moon) and change the texture of the moon to the Great Old One Ghroth. During this time, light levels drop everywhere allowing more dangerous monsters to spawn for a short time.

    Maybe the higher the contamination, the more damage silver and gold weapons do.

    Bestiary: like a beastiry for my monsters. could give info about each monster and link to summoning them at pets / patreon? Rank 1 is killing one. Rank 2 is killing a numer of them, Rank 3 is a manuscript or something that is a rare drop? Rewards a passive pet of each monster?

    After killing enough, you can gain lore in the nomicon, see weaknesses look at active health on mouse over, abilities, and could summon them as a pet?

    Item clothing that when worn warms up the player. Maybe a blanket made from monster specific drops. Maybe make "Heavy Web" that bigger spiders thown (10% run speed)

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v2.1.0 92 Feb 28th at 1:52 AM Show
v2.0.0 37 Feb 25th at 6:00 PM Show
v1.2.0 124 Feb 25th at 4:08 PM Show
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33 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Zanzibar, Mar 19th at 1:30 AM

A big smelly toad thing or something that spawns near freshwater would be cool. Something lovecraft themed like mind leeches haha

💬 Frepo, Mar 11th at 2:46 AM

I'm looking forward to the planned wraiths! An enemy that can move through walls sounds super interesting! May I be so bold to present some additional ideas/thoughts?

- Non-corporeal (ability): Since wraiths are immaterial, they can move though walls and have massive 75% flat damage reduction to all physical incoming damage.

- Vial of lost souls (item): A resource dropped by wraiths (or all ghost-type enemies). Can be used to to give yourself the non-corporeal ability for a limited time (not the ability to pass through walls). Or infused into weapons, giving them the power to ignore the wraith's (or all ghost-type enemies) non-corporeal protection.

- Cross of Banishment (item): An item that makes wraiths (or all ghost-type enemies) stay away from you (when held in left or right hand). Can also be placed as a block to safe-keep an area.

- Haunting (ability): Prevents players from sleeping within a certain radius around the wraith (better place a cross of banishment above your bed).

- Banshee (entity): A variant of the wraith. Has less HP and deals less melee damage, but has a terrible (very loud) scream that makes players freeze in panic and also summons wraiths.

Finally, it would be cool if they don't stay away from sunlight, instead they become harmless and invisible during the day, but you can still hear them :)

💬 Vies, Mar 11th at 1:46 AM

LadyBlakeHammer I definitely appreciate the feedback, I only have so much time to test things out. I just have to make a best guess most times and keep moving on! lol Contrary to my livestreams where I seem to only code, I enjoy playing games too! lol

Glad you are liking it Zanzibar

💬 Zanzibar, Mar 10th at 7:20 PM

Same, really diggin it!

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 9th at 1:56 AM

I'm nerding out cus you used my feedback. Vies 💜

💬 Vies, Mar 8th at 8:20 PM

New release 2.3.1 is live. Added the willowisp and a bunch of changes.

Thanks for the feedback LadyBlakeHammer ! I normalized all monster sounds using drifter aggro as a base. This is in the 2.3.1 release.

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 7th at 11:25 PM

Some of the sounds might need to be dimed down too, seeing as a creature you hear from afar, sounds as if they're right on top of you. Its not an important issue, because I can just as easily lower my sound volume, but I thought I'd let you know of this also.

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 7th at 11:16 PM

Understandable. I gotcha

💬 Vies, Mar 7th at 7:56 PM

LadyBlakeHammer I currenty have the hollow's speed lowered now and it does feel a bit better. Before, I used the wolf speed as a base speed. I did changed how the hollows do damage too. I want every creature to bring a new obstacle to the table. Stalkers slow movement with web, unstables are best fought with ranged, willowisps aoe drains energy from players (hunger first, then health)... My goal for the hollow was to make it a 'stability' damager. Crushing blow was meant to lower your stability attracting other monsters to you. In the new update (coming out maybe today?) Dual Attack will do 0.75 damage (down from 1) a hit with a new 5% stability hit. Crushing blow will now do 2 damage (down from 3) with a 20% stability hit (up from 15%). We can see how those numbers add up.

On a side note, I was considering making things like max health, seek speed, primary attack damage, and ability damage numbers all changeable in the configs, but it would be a lot of work and I am not sure if most people would really care. You kind of have to know what something like 0.0045 really means for a seek speed, you know?

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 7th at 7:04 PM

Vies I'll admit, I like difficulty, I end up skipping a lot of steps just to get to Copper armor, before much else, because of my blatant masochism- I just think they run a bit fast. The Unstables though? They're the bomb. badum tss

I'll take your tips into account, on Improvised Armor and Spears, cus I keep forgetting Improvised armor exists lol.

💬 Vies, Mar 7th at 2:17 PM

Thanks for the suggestion LadyBlakeHammer . I can try to bump the speed down in the willowisp update coming out today. I will also lower the damage of crushing blow a bit, I see it isn't a true 1.5 times melee damage. I should note that these monsters are going to make the game tougher. Not wearing armor is going to make these monsters feel really strong. I usually have a better time killing hollows with at least improvised armor and a few trusty obsidian spears. I always pick a tinkerer too so I have weaker damage working against me.

💬 Vies, Mar 7th at 2:13 PM

Thanks for the suggestions Frepo ! I did want to do a hound like creature kind of like a weaping angel from doctor who, but I will need some serious r&d to figure that kind of rendering to server ai out. The blob idea is in my to do monsters, going to call it an ooze. Before I do these creatures, I want to finish the wraith and make a few water creatures. 

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 7th at 3:02 AM

An idea is to enable the Hollows not run at you like track-stars and hit like trains?

💬 Frepo, Mar 5th at 12:10 PM

Monster suggestion:
Name: Blob

Looks: Think of the minecraft slime cube. At least large enough to engulf the player (perhaps smaller less dangerous ones also)

Behavior: Hops around. Main "attack" is to land on the player and digest him/her. While a player is inside a blob: Continual damage and durability loss on armor and damageable items in hotbar. Movement speed is severely slowed down, perhaps total immobility (break free)? When attacked, splits in smaller blobs like in minecraft? Attacking a blob in melee severely damages the weapon.

Drops: Some sort of slime that can be used as partial replacement for resin in various recipes.

Spawning: Only near or in water. Certain biomes only?

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 4th at 5:15 AM

Thank you for the reply Vies

💬 Frepo, Feb 28th at 12:23 PM

Monster suggestion:
Name: Shade (original name was Stalker, but you've already taken that name)

Looks: A black, semi-transparent, hound-like creature with glowing orange eyes.

Behavior: Stalks the player when you are not looking at it (when out of your FOV). When close enough it lashes out. While in your FOV it stops moving and lays low, until attacked or you get too close. Spawned shades avoid sunlight when dawn comes, seeking out dark areas such as a cave. 

Spawning: At any Y-level, but only during night (when it's dark enough). So spawning is not governed by the time of day, but rather the amount of sunlight. So you can expect more of them during winter when the days are shorter.

💬 Vies, Feb 28th at 12:18 PM

LadyBlakeHammer The unstable are equivalent to creepers in Minecraft, except I made it so that you can disable entity damage and block damage in the configs. By default, no explosions can ever affect claimed land. You also can disable a monster you do not want to spawn in the configs. 

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Feb 28th at 1:54 AM

Is there something similar to that of the Bandits mod, that allow users to change the spawns of certain enemies? (Don't exactly like the idea of Sentient BOMBS)

💬 Vies, Feb 25th at 4:08 PM

New release 1.2.0 is out! a lot of changes, including the new Unstable monster! Enjoy!

💬 Zanzibar, Feb 20th at 2:35 AM

looks dope, love the skeleies!

💬 Vies, Feb 18th at 12:49 AM

Alright Dr_Cummies , I figured out the issue. It was my mistake. Spiders and hollows spawn more rare now, feels so much better in my testing. the new release with this fix is up, version 1.1.1!

💬 Vies, Feb 18th at 12:22 AM

Thank for letting me know, I think the spawning is too aggressive and I may now know why. I use the hostile group profile for spawning at runtime. It made sense at the time, since my monsters are hostile, but hostile isn't actually aggressive in that sense. A creature is aggressive depending on the ai tasks you assign it. I think the hostile group just makes the monster spawning overly abundant like with drifters. When you are around temporally unstable areas/ rifts at night, the drifter spawns go wild. So do my creatures. I am going to have an update tonight, in about 5 minutes or so to swap the group for spawning, and we can see how it goes. 

Again, thank you for the feedback Dr_Cummies 

💬 Dr_Cummies, Feb 17th at 3:21 PM

Good morning! was excited to try out your new add on but im not sure if theres a bug or if its part of the patch. When ever we hit a hollow it ether spawns one or two of them in various forms. This combined with their running speed quicky made an impossible to win scenario.

The idea of multiplying could be expanded on, like their bones drop when damaged, creating a chance for the dropped bone to grow into another one (over time)  if not destroyed. And their true mortal weakness being something simple like burning from torches or light preventing growth of dropped bones (expanding to them being afraid of the sun forcing them to only be active in caves, deep forests with lower sunlight, or nighttime). Or perhaps instead give them a beating heart (that can be eaten for health) that kills them.This could perhaps introduce an enemy type that is stout, with plenty of weaknesess but will only be encountered by risk takers, yet if not handled carefully can quickly overwhelm the player. (letting those who are too scared (my wife) have ways of avoiding encounters with them) 

Ether way our map was overun by them in less then a minute so il have to go back to your older version for now :(

💬 Vies, Feb 17th at 5:14 AM

Version 1.1.0 is out, I greately reduced the spawn rates of Stalkers and added the new monster type, the Hollow! Let me know if I need to bump up the spawn rates. Thanks again for the feedback all!

💬 Vies, Feb 17th at 3:15 AM

I just checked in on this and saw your suggestion Zanzibar. I revamped the stalker textures 5 minutes ago on stream. You have some really good points there and I appreciat ethe feedback! hope you like the new stalkers!

💬 YourCreator, Feb 15th at 11:24 AM

Finally, scary spiders.

💬 Zanzibar, Feb 14th at 9:25 PM

Iv been playing with it for a cupple days now and all seems good except what dr_cummies said, i only have one suggestion but minor. I like the model of the spider but i feel it can use a bit more blended natural textures for their skins. The black look fits for caves tho, but maybe a touch of gray and earthy colors would really make them not POP so much. Great work so far! Vies

💬 Smile, Feb 13th at 10:55 PM

Watching closely :)

💬 Vies, Feb 13th at 10:51 AM

Thank you for the feedback Dr_Cummies! You do make a good point, I did make the spiders faster paced with combat, and did try to make them spawn less, but they can still spawn frequently. I can do some testing and try to scale the health down a bit for the next update. Either way, I will be lowering the spawning chance again. Also looking to see if I can add a minimum distance to the spawning logic easily to try and space things out. Working on the hollows next. Skeletons that will try to break down rickety doors at night to get you. haha

💬 Dr_Cummies, Feb 13th at 4:10 AM

Ive been playing a serious playthrough with this mod. I enjoy it but i feel it needs a touch of balancing. They spawn a lot which i dont have an issue with but it takes two hits with a black bronze falx to kill them. I think their health should be lowered significantly if there going to be common. After a heavy temporal storm its really difficult fighting off nightmares while being obliterated by web and spiders at the same time. I feel like if their health is lowered to the point where one hit from copper tools can kill them. It will make a great addition and even add a very needed support role to drifters. The glass cannons of the otherworld. Im interestead in seeing what more creepy enemies you can bring into this game :)

💬 Craluminum, Feb 12th at 1:34 PM

Monstrously cute monsters

💬 Mortalis_1, Feb 12th at 1:27 PM

Love the idea of this. 


💬 Zanzibar, Feb 11th at 10:33 PM

Yes! Yes! A million times yes! been waiting for a more mobs mod ever since the Neighbors mod. Thankyou so much for your work!

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