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Author: Aerin
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Created: Jan 18th at 11:18 PM
Last modified: Jan 18th at 11:21 PM
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It was always a pet peeve of mine how brigandine was just straight up bad despite being such a fashionable armor. As such, this mod buffs brigandine and adjusts chain so the two are closer in power to each other, but serve different roles. Brigandine is now the light armor of choice for melee or travel, while chain is better for archers.

To be specific, brigandine had its hunger rate lowered to 6% per piece, healing rate effectiveness lowered to 10% per piece, and move speed penalty lowered to 3% per piece. Chainmail meanwhile had its ranged accuracy penalty lowered to 1% per piece, ranged attack speed lowered to 3% per piece, but the move speed penalty was increased to 5%.

Is this realistic or historically accurate? Sorta. Chainmail (or leather) was usually the go-to armor for archers after all. And from what I've heard from reenactors, while both brigandine and chainmail weigh about the same amount, brigandine "felt" lighter and easier to move in due to being better supported than chain, while chain restricted movement less allowing for better range of motion for archery.

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