Mods / Ragnaman's Lit Torch recipe

Category: #Crafting
Author: Ragnaman
Side: Both
Created: Jan 17th at 4:59 AM
Last modified: Jan 17th at 5:02 AM
Downloads: 185
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1 Lit Torch + 1 Unlit Torch = 2 Lit Torches
(unfortunately cant use Lit Torch as a tool so it disappears from crafting grid, but you dont lose any lit torches in process)
(you can bulk craft, e.g. 10 Lit Torch + 10 Unlit Torch = 20 Lit Torches if you shift click)

Thx Lich {Lichen} for handholding me through mod creation process.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 185 Jan 17th at 5:02 AM Show

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💬 Ragnaman, Jan 19th at 10:14 PM


(it was a quick draft using slices of copy and paste in GIMP)

💬 ShidaPenns, Jan 19th at 2:33 PM

But why does the image show 1+3=3? 🤔

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