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Author: DungeonSiegeWolf
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Created: Jan 17th at 3:06 AM
Last modified: Jan 23rd at 12:32 AM
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This mod spawns small-scale schematics comprised of flora and rocks that will make your world look less empty! Forest floors will now be teeming with ferns, grasses, sticks, and flowers. Plains will now be brimming with leaves and stones. Savannas will have some more flowers and jungles will have some more ferns and crotons.

Note that these do not add more of or modify the game's 'blockpatches', that is, large spans of a single type of flower/plant/leaves. The mod's 'patches' are simply schematics that range from tiny (2x1), small (2x2), and medium (3x3). These patches contain a mix of flint, leaves, sticks, flowers, and other natural decor.


Certainly adds:

Forest --



+23 Ferns

+52 Ferns & Flowers

+28 Ferns & Grass

+67 Ferns & Leaves

+22 Flowers

+59 Flowers & Leaves

+22 Grass

+23 Grass & Leaves

+11 Treestumps

+20 Mushroom

+5 Saplings

+10 Viney Limestone

+10 Small Limestone


== 352 patches for Forests! 

Plains --


+20 Berry Patches

+16 Flowers

+67 Flowers & Grass

+27 Flowers & Leaves

+13 Grass

+11 Grass & Leaves

+20 Medium Limestones

+10 Small Limestones


== 184 patches for Plains! 

Savanna --


+18 Flowers

+51 Flowers & Grass

+11 Flowers & Leaves

+49 Grass

+5 Grass & Leaves


== 134 patches for Savannas! 



+20 Bamboo Leaves

+24 Brown Bamboo

+24 Green Bamboo

+30 Crotons

+23 Ferns

+10 Ferns & Crotons

+6 Fern Trees

+6 Fern Trees & Bamboo

+20 Rafflesia


== 163 patches for Jungles! 



+10 Barrel Cacti

+3 Flowers & Grass

+1 Grass

+10 Silvertorch Cacti

+6 Cacti


== 30 patches for Desert! 



+20 Cypress Trees

+20 Medium Limestones

+20 Pine Leaves

+10 Small Limestones


== 70 patches for Tundra! 


There are 3 presets to choose from, each having only different spawn rates for all patches. Do NOT have two or more presets in your mod folder at the same time!

Dense Heavy population. Meant to cover every inch of the map. You'll need an above average computer for this one.

Regular - Decent amount of population. 

Lite - Sparse population. Recommended for weaker computers.

(If you need to tweak the spawn rates to be higher or lower, edit the "chance" property in assets/game/patches/florapatches-worldgen-patches.json.)


Planned features (In no particular order):

  • More formations of rock variants (Basalt, slate, chalk, sandstone, etc.)
  • More vegetation with tree variants (Walnut, Maple, Ebony, Kapok, etc.)
  • Add more patches to existing entries.
  • Add aquatic and river bank/lake vegetation.
  • Add underground vegetation and rock formations.
  • Add vegetation and rock formations for desert and snowy biomes.
  • Tweaking of the spawn configuration to better fit the appropriate 'biome'. Currently you will find patches that may look out of place.


Client: This should certainly work on singleplayer, as it is a lightweight mod. I started working on this mod in 1.17.4 so that is what I've set its base version at, but it's likely to work in versions below that as well.

Server: This has not been tested server-side yet. 

Other Mods: This should mesh with other worldgen mods. I've tested it with mods that add more ruins and structures and found it to work. I have not tried it with mods that add more types of flowers, for example, except for Wildcraft, and it seemed to work.


If you decide to use this on your server or client, thank you! Please tell me if it works for you and how you like it!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.0.2 71 Jan 23rd at 12:32 AM Show
v0.0.2 20 Jan 23rd at 12:30 AM Show
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6 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 DungeonSiegeWolf, Jan 19th at 4:35 PM

AsherUnderhill Thank you! Glad to hear it gives players some extra resources!

Tweaking the spawn rate is easy: use a program like WinRAR to open the mod, navigate to assets/game/patches/florapatches-worldgen-patches.json, then edit the 'chance' value for the spawn rate. Try it out with much lower numbers for fern, birch, or oak vegetation.

If you want to edit the other values in the .json, check this page out:

I will eventually reorganize the schematics to have individual folders so users can have more control over spawn rates of specific stuff in the biomes (e.g. You can tweak to have forests with more flowers and less leaves, or vice versa, etc.)

💬 AsherUnderhill, Jan 19th at 11:23 AM

This mod doubles as a nice quality of life improvement as it makes finding lime for leather making much easier. 

The random pumpkin spawns also helped my blackguard a lot on his first day!

I agree with znatik, the density is a bit high. The forest becomes littered with useless ferns.

Would it be possible to provide mod settings? Some way to tweak the spawn rate of ferns or boulders, or other features?

I eagerly look forward to the lite version!

💬 DungeonSiegeWolf, Jan 18th at 10:52 PM

znatik Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated! I will be making a lite verson for those who wish for a less densely decorated world - which should let large structures spawn more frequently - and to help with lag. Hopefully that will fix your BetterRuins issue!

Limestone spawn rate will be tweaked soon, and yes, I see now that the obstacles that are branchy leaves were an oversight on my part. Fortunately non-branchy leaves can be moved through, so I will work on tweaking current and future schematics have only non-branchy leaves as to be less obstructing.

💬 DungeonSiegeWolf, Jan 18th at 3:51 PM

BeetleSong Thank you for the advice, I will be taking that into consideration with future rock formations as well! Next update I will tweak the limestone spawn rate. 

This also gave me the idea of making individual presets, such as a lite version that doesn't populate the world as much to help reduce lag.

💬 znatik, Jan 18th at 10:05 AM

You are doing great. The world is beautiful. it revived. The journey has become more interesting. But the interaction with other mods does not work very well. Large structures from the Better ruins mod need more space. Three hours of play and i've only found one ruin. Lots of impassable places. Too many bushes. it tires my eyes out. Lots of useless water. I will continue testing. A large amount of limestone .You have everything ahead . You feel nature. After a day at work, I really want to run. Pick mushrooms. Relax. Do not fight with bushes. Maybe I'm not talking about that. This game is wonderful. You make it even better. 

💬 BeetleSong, Jan 17th at 11:52 PM

Limestone formations is a bit frequent for my taste. I'll generate a world and the landscape will be covered in Limestone formations. 

It also seems to just populate the world with so much stuff its kinda laggy. But I don't have the best computer so its probably just my low end machine. However the limestone is definitely a mod thing. I love the idea of limestone features but they are more frequent than that biome's natural stone formations and it doesn't make much sense. 

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